Thursday, December 13, 2012

Egg Carton Angels For The Ornament Exchange

My fellow "Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange" buddies, Jana, Kijsa and Kate, will each be receiving a unique version of this michele-y egg carton angel. The angels are in flight as we speak, crossing border and continent, winging their happy way to far off destinations.

It is my hope that they will reach their new homes safely. I'm quite confident they will. I mean, one would think so, given their angelic status, eh?

Goodbye Angels! And happy Christmas Jana, Kijsa and Kate. Do take care of your new babies!


P.S. Check out the beauties Kate made for Kijsa, Jana and myself HERE! I'll be getting one of those soon! Eeeeps! Thanks so much Kate.

P.P.S. Create your very own egg carton people with either "The Dozen Egg Carton Folk Ornaments PDF Tutorial" or "The Egg Carton Nativity Scene PDF Tutorial". Both are available in The Shop. Please note however, that the angel in today's post is a brand new design and not part of either of those tutorials.


  1. Hi Michele! I LOVE these and I can't wait to receive my beautiful little Angel in the mail. Thank you so much. Your work is wonderful and I love how you create. It's great to meet you this way! I look forward to keeping in touch.

    All the very best to you - Have a wonderful Holiday!

  2. I mean... can it be any cuter?? I love it so much my heart aches :)

  3. What a lovely use for egg cartons! I love the recycled paper garlands too - very fun!

  4. Oh, I love the egg carton angels. What a great exchange. Yes, I hope they'll have a safe journey too. I'll check out the other ornaments in the exchange. What holiday fun!!

  5. These are adorable! I copied you and after you wrote about joining in, I joined! I was secretly hoping to be in your group and get one of those puzzle angels! :) These are great!


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