Tuesday, December 11, 2012

House Garland Interview with The Boy

What follows is an interview I had with The Boy regarding his collection of little green houses which I made into the following garland:

Michele: I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the houses you made. It's for the blog... Would that be alright?

The Boy: Oh, okay.

Michele: When did you make these little houses?

The Boy: Before before before before before last month early in the morning I think. But I don't know.

Michele: Quite a while ago then... Did anyone help you make them?

The Boy: No.

Michele: What are the houses made of?

The Boy: Playdough. Dried playdough.

Michele: Why did you make this collection of playdough houses?

The Boy: I don't know... I wanted to. I wanted to keep myself busy.

Michele: Crafts are a good way to keep busy, that's for sure. So where did the house idea come from?

The Boy: I don't know where it came from. I was playing around with the playdough and the houses just popped out.

Michele: I can relate to that. Can you describe how you made them?

The Boy: Well, to cut them out, I used a butter knife. And to make the bumps, I used the un-dangerous end of a pin. Also, I used a butter knife to make the lines also.

Michele: I use butter knives a lot in my crafts too... What gave you the idea to make the houses progressively smaller?

The Boy: That's so easy. Each time I used up some of the dough to make a house, I had less and less dough, so the houses kept getting smaller and smaller because I didn't have enough dough to make them exactly the same size.

Michele: I love all the different sizes. In fact, I really love your little houses period. Do you?

The Boy: Yes.

Michele: What do you like about them?

The Boy: I like the little bumps. And they sorta have these little dots that look a little bit like snow but it wasn't me who made the snow. It just appeared out of nowhere or else maybe some sort of chemical reaction happened when the dough dried out. But I don't know.

Michele: Well, thank you for telling me about your little houses.

The Boy: You're welcome.



  1. How sweeeeeeeeeet :) very smart boy!!

  2. Oh, he is just the sweetest. My fav. quote is the "undangerous end of the pin."

  3. Thanks for the great interview. He is a talented artist.

  4. They are beautiful! That kid is so artistic...hmm, wonder where he gets it? I love the interview, Michele!

  5. So cute! I love the "That's so easy" explanation.

  6. What a fun post. Thank you for sharing the "interview".

  7. Oh, what fun. I loved this "And to make the bumps, I used the un-dangerous end of a pin."


  8. I love that he made these...and love that you interviewed him even more!

  9. Oh, he is genius! I love the interview. His house are awesome! I'm glad you strung them up so you can admire them all the time.

  10. Very sweet! He takes after his Mama :-)

  11. So sweet! I pray to God my kids would do something long enough just to keep themselves busy!!

  12. Hello Michele,
    Lovely project and fascinating interview! The Boy is a real up and coming artist!

  13. well, of course, progressively less playdough, progressively smaller houses.

  14. This is the best interview ever! I think The Boy should give us insight into many more of his creations. He's clearly a budding genius. Must be genetic. :-)


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