Friday, December 21, 2012

Egg Carton Flower Gift Bow

Here's a simple and pretty way to wrap a small gift!

Step 1.  First off, nix the gift wrap. Instead, take out an empty egg carton. Cut out two egg cups and one of those little center egg carton bumps.
Step 2.  Cut some quick petals into both egg cups and round the petals with your fingers. Trim the little bump.

Step 3.  Cut out some leaves from the flat part of an egg carton top.
Step 4.  Glue petals, leaves and bump together as shown.

Step 5.  Prepare your gift. Mine is a set of crocheted dishwashing cloths I made as part of a teacher gift. I folded each nicely and stacked 'em neatly.

Step 6.  Tie some string around your gift. A few lengths together make a nice impact. Trim the string ends to a length slightly wider than the gift itself.

Step 7.  Display the remaining string ends into a starburst.
Step 8.  Take a small piece of egg carton top and cut it into a rough little circle. Punch a hole into it. Offset the hole a little.

Step 9.  Use 2 of the string lengths to tie on the little egg carton circle. Dab some glue onto the circle.
Step 10.  Glue on the egg carton flower. Let dry. And tally-ho, you're ready to go!

Quite nice, in an understated kind of way. Might be nice on a book, say, or a pair of lovely handmade mittens or a scarf.

Not bad for a naked grey egg carton, eh?


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  1. Oh my Gosh! You never cease to surprise me Michele! This one is stunning!!

    1. This is beautiful Michele. I've looked at your other egg carton creations and they are wonderful. What a brilliant creative mind you have.
      Karen Lahey

  2. So pretty! What a lovely idea xx

  3. Hello Michele,
    Awsomeness! It looks lovely and is a nice change from the commerical bow.
    Big hug,

  4. wow so easy and so lovely :) like it very much!

  5. Michele;
    Thank you for stopping my my blog!
    I found your blog last year when I discovered the Tissue Paper box house ornaments. I LOVE your creative ideas.

    I founded a creative reuse center about 4 years ago, and always wish I have more time to create, and blog about it. I hope to put some art projects on our blog in the coming months. (

    So nice to make a connection with you. I think your creativity is just awesome!

  6. Beautiful! Awesome! Brilliant! Genius! Fabulous!

    Can you tell I love this idea to pieces!!!

  7. gorgeous!!! I bow to the master! LOVE this.

  8. I think it's just gorgeous. Thanks for the turorial, Michele. How wonderful to give the teacher a gift. I have a soft spot for teachers because they were some of my favorite people when I was in school and because I've been a tutor and teacher at various times in my life.

  9. What a brilliant idea. Thank you for the tutorial, I am off to have a go.

  10. You are SO clever! I love it! Happy Christmas to you and all the very best in 2013. I can't wait to see what you make!

  11. I just can't believe how many things that you can come up with from an egg carton!! This is beautiful!

  12. Making one whilst eating my cereal. Stunning thanks so much for inspiring me again x

  13. great idea! I really like it!

  14. I love that egg carten project. I must try to print it so I can try it later

  15. You have a wonderful imagination. Where do you come up with these things. I just looked at some of the others. Awesome

  16. always hope you had a great Christmas. Hugs x

  17. Wow that is adorable. Awesome job.

  18. Love it! love anything to do with upcycling. New follower plus I also joined your Wreath Blog - great idea on rounding up a host of various wreaths ;-)

  19. Wow! Such a beautiful handmade creation

  20. Thank you for this wonderful idea using recycled materials. My students have enjoyed making these in garden art time in our beautiful school kitchen garden

  21. Amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing Blessings from Bama!


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