Monday, January 21, 2013

The Boy's Bedroom Reno: Hardscape

Now that the painting is all put to bed, we've moved on to what I'm calling "the hardscape" of the Boy's room. In this category, I include things like shelves, bed frame, dresser, etc... anything that is physically hard. Like, if you hit your head on it, it hurts. I know this from personal painful experience.

So first off, I decided to put The Boy's aquarium on a different base.

A few years ago, my middle child Dia, brought the above nightstand home. It was being chucked by some neighbours and she decided to rescue it. At the time, there was a very heavy monster-drawer in the bottom space that made you break into a sweat every time you tried to open it. So I hoyked the darn thing out of there. The blue paint is original to the piece but I distressed it a little more and painted the inside bright white. This little nightstand had lived in the basement collecting dust since that fateful day. I noticed it down there a few days ago and thought it might serve well as a home for The Boy's happy fish.

Next, Lo cut and installed new wooden brackets for the shelves. If you recall, the old brackets were those cheap metal ones that attach to a set of metal rails. So glad to see them gone. They were ancient. The shelves themselves are the same shelves - try saying that 3 times fast! - but freshened with a coat of paint.

Lo - my personal hero - also built a custom desk for the closet space. Didn't he do a fine job? I gave it a few coats of maple stain and varathane. I just love how simple it is. In fact, I'm so happy with everything Lo's done in the room. It's super super duper!

The wooden bed, old brown dresser that Lo's great-grandpa made (seen here), and tall white cabinet behind the door will all remain as-is for now. I'm trying to keep this bedroom overhaul simple, you see. I may decide to paint the dresser eventually, but that's a job best done outside when the weather is somewhere above freezing, even if only slightly.

Still have to deal with cushions and bedding and such... Uh huh... That's the next post, okay?


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  1. Wow you have been busy and I'm so impressed with how handy Lo is. He did a great job of the built-in desk and I think the blue bedside shelves go perfectly with the fish tank. Nice job guys!!

  2. Love the blue nightstand. A very worthy rescue.

  3. Oh my, that desk is just fabulous!!!

  4. Hello Michele,
    Looking really good. The desk is a great idea.
    Big hug,

  5. The desk Lo made is lovely - the simplicity lets the wood shine. I want to see what Boy puts in his fish desk - I am sure it won't stay empty for long.

  6. Wow, you’re doing a great job on the bedroom redo!!

  7. It looks smashing!
    I really do like the red strips on the wall, thats an amazing effect.

  8. great job ! i love the desk !


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