Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Boy's Bedroom Reno: Paint Colours

Here we have the paint colours for The Boy's bedroom. The colour pendulum has swung 180〫from warm-slash-dark to cool-slash-light!

Aside from choosing paint colours, what have we done so far?


1) Lo gave the ceiling a single coat of white.
2) I sanded, primed, and painted the trim twice in your basic white. That was a job I did NOT find the joy in, I tell you. I looked for it too. But dang it, it was nowhere! Thankfully, I'm on the other side of it now so we're all good.
3) After much research, Lo installed an outlet in the closet. He had to cut through the drywall to do it but managed with minimal damage. I applied several coats of drywall mud to the area in question and sanded the Dickens out of it. You can't even tell anything was done there. Thing of beauty!
4) Patched all holes in walls with drywall mud. Sanded, dusted and washed the walls.
5) The Boy and I decided to tape off some areas of the window wall for a touch of fun. The idea being that the original red colour would show through in stripes when the tape was removed. Here's a peek at the effect...

6) Given the darkness of the previous colour, we had no choice but to prime the walls before painting. I cut in the primer and Lo rolled it on.
7) I was relieved to finally cut in the actual fancy-named paint, "Beige Chanterelle" of which we applied two coats. Lo rolled it on. Unsure of it at first, I am liking it more now but still getting used to it. Thank Pete, it's about 4 million times better than red and orange.
8) I painted the closet in "Vienna Lake", a colour The Boy chose. Here's a glimpse of all the colours playing together...

I'm excited about it! We're chugging along nicely, aren't we?


Find "before" photos here.


  1. Lovely colour choices. I like the effect of having the old paper showing through.

  2. Beautiful colors--those are just the types of colors I pick for our house. They are easy to live with. I too try hard to find joy in painting trim but have never been able to!

  3. Beautiful! I love it! You are coming through for me here because I am probably going to steal about 99% of your ideas for our boys room....but it will take me years to get it done.

  4. Should come as no surprise that I adore those colors!

  5. I love those colours, remind me of a summerbreeze at the beach!

  6. What a calm relaxing room this will be. I LOVE that you let that band of red shine through- it's a fantastic effect.

  7. Beautiful! I am biased, though - our home is painted in those colours, albeit the darker-valued versions. We're looking to lighten up this year so we shall see...

    I detest painting trim, too.

  8. Looking good so far! I love the pop of color and whimsy the red strip gives! I understand about the trim...we have been in our house 5+ years, and I still haven't painted ours. The only joy in painting trim is when it is done!

  9. You are right, there is no joy in prepping and painting trim EVER! We did a whole house worth of it. Can't wait to see it as it progresses.

  10. Calming colour choices which adding any feature colours so easily too.
    Clever idea to do the strips that way!
    Really do like that vienna shade.........and it would appear youll have shade cards left over too...........guess they will come in for something later lol

  11. You are chugging along nicely!! Good idea bout the stripes - ugh the trim story scares me - I did that to one room in our previous house.


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