Friday, February 15, 2013

Box-Covered Boxes PDF Tutorial In The Shop!

Unusually, today's post is freakishly in line with the shop post of earlier this week. I surprise even myself sometimes. Could I be more organized? I don't think so...

Screen shot of the Box-Covered Boxes PDF Tutorial

So, in keeping with that organizational mood, I give you my latest PDF tutorial... "Box-Covered Boxes"! In this lovely, albeit oddly titled, 6-page step-by-step downloadable project, I show you a fun way to uniquely transform a cereal, cracker or tissue box into a sturdy and sophisticated, one-of-a-kind storage container. See? Storage container. To keep you all organized and such? Yeah, that's right.

Requiring only the simplest of tools and materials such as a pair of scissors, a utility knife, glue, a few empty cracker or cereal boxes, and a ruler and pencil, this re-use project does take a little patience but even the new crafter can achieve some truly lovely results. Do note that this craft is NOT suitable for children as it requires the use of a utility knife and your fine fine-motor skills.

Find the sweet "Box-Covered Boxes" PDF downloadable tutorial in the Michele Made Me Shop



  1. What a lovely "wood-grainy" effect! How much cereal does your family have to eat to keep up with all of your ideas?! It must make cooking easy! ;)

  2. Isn't that beautiful?! Yes, it is beautiful! A cool fresh idea!

  3. I love them! Imagine the possibilities!

  4. Being that I am an owner of several of your shop tutorials, I can with authority say that they are beautifully illustrated and very well written! And then of course there is that little thing about you being a genius!!

    Your new storage boxes are visually quite appealing. Waaaaaaaay more so than what I would have done - glued some fabric onto the box and called it good!!! And I think I know of a way i can expand this idea to work with something else i am planning this spring!!! :-)

  5. Ah then - it is not that I can do!! I am utility knife disabled...


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