Monday, February 18, 2013

Reader Question: How Do You Crochet That Blanket?

In recent months, I've made two pretty versions of my simple crocheted blanket: here and here. Aside from colour play, these blankets are pretty much the same. The other day, Cathy from North Carolina sent me the following inquiry regarding this one:

Hi Michele,

Would this blanket be something for a newbie to crochet? I love the idea of using up scraps! Could you share the pattern, please? It turned out beautifully!


Thanks so much for the question (and compliment) Cathy! I also consider myself a newbie when it comes to crochet to be honest. Very rarely do I venture beyond the realm of double crochet. As far as I'm concerned, this blanket is the perfect "newbie" crochet project! As best as I can explain it, here is how I made it.

Michele's Stripey Crochet Blanket Pattern:

Except for the beginning chain row, the whole thing is worked in double crochet (dc). In terms of yarn weight, I mostly crocheted the blanket with 2 strands of a variety of fingering weight yarns because that's what I had in my stash. I mixed the yarns in order to achieve an overall neutral tone. By and large, neutral stripes contain some odd number of rows (either 3 rows or 5 rows or 7 rows etc...).  The arrangement of the neutral stripes in terms of width and colour came about organically as the blanket grew. I suggest you go with your gut on that front and let your sensibilities lead you. Between each neutral stripe, I crocheted one burgundy or red row. For the burgundy or red rows, I used 2 strands again: one strand of burgundy or red yarn combined with a second strand of some other neutrally-coloured yarn.

For The Newbie:

Start with a chain. My chain contained 203 chain stitches. The last 3 chain stitches are my "turning" chain stitches.

First row: Skip the first 3 chain stitches and then double-crochet (dc) to the end of the chain. Turn.

Second row: Chain 3, skip the first dc * do 1 dc in next dc, and repeat from * to the end of the row, working the last dc into the third chain of the turning chain. Turn.

Repeat the second row until your blanket is the length you'd like.

Note: The pattern gives sort of a lacy edge by virtue of the extra turning chain stitch. Consequently you will see  little "holes" in your edge. I meant to do that! It is NOT a mistake but part of the master plan.

How easy is that? What I like about it is not only its simplicity but also its ease of customization. You could make 100 of these blankets and have them all turn out completely different simply by changing up the colours and varying the stripe widths!

The first version

I hope you enjoy this simple pattern. Send along pictures if you decide to make it. I would absolutely LOVE to have a look-see!


Some helpful links:


  1. Michele you are a star!!!!
    thank you, xxxx Ale

  2. I love how you designed both of them! Gorgeous!

  3. I am glad to hear there is a master plan...someday, you will rule the world! (In the meantime, great post!)

  4. Love the one with browns and orange , my fave,. colours

  5. I'm not sure if Mom taught single or double when she was here - I think it was single...will have to learn...


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