Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm Sorry. I Should Have Listened To You.

And I thought: "Well... it matches some of those oranges so well... Maybe I'll just give it a go." And then before I knew it, I'd created this exquisitely hateful Halloween quilt! And I mean no disrespect to Halloween quilts. It's just that I never wanted this to be a Halloween quilt!!!

So I apologize to you. I apologize to you a LOT. You overwhelmingly chose purple. And I didn't listen.

So I will unpick THE WHOLE THING. I will consider having A SHOWER. I will get into something that's NOT made of FLANNEL. I will go out into the world amongst ACTUAL PEOPLE and find some PURPLE fabric. I will PURCHASE said fabric. Then, I will COME back. And I will START AGAIN.

STUPID Halloween quilt.



  1. Oh, but it's cute:)!! And sunny.. and warm:).
    I love it!


  2. I'm sure the purple will be beautiful, but the orange tones do give it warmth and looks cozy to cuddle under. Also I have one orange wall in my living room (husband's idea, no joke) and this quilt would look fabulous!

  3. I'm not giggling my head off AT you; I'm giggling at how charming you are. That "Michele Failed Me" watermark is the funniest thing I've seen on the internet in a long time.

    All Halloween aside, I love the use of a broad stripe as a sashing fabric.

  4. Oh - you are funny. I like it but I still like the purple better, I think.

  5. Snert! It is not hateful! But I'm sorry you hate it, poor Michele, that's a lot of unpicking.

    Those beauteous squares deserve to be loved, so I know it will be worth it in the end.

  6. I like it a lot, orange is one of my favourite colours!

  7. Hi Michele, it's not even near as bad as you make it look :) And I like it :)) But if you would have used the kind of light yellow you used in your example picture, it would have looked a lot nicer :))) I love it :))))

  8. tweeeeet! but i love orange and yellow!
    regards, dana

  9. Okay, I'll be the one to say it, even though I didn't weigh in because I didn't find the original post until mid-morning today. *cough (And remember, this is said with tongue in cheek and with much warmth) "They told you so."

    Actually, I kind of like it with the orange. I couldn't visualize it in any of the colors you gave options for, but I think it's quite distinctive.

    Oh, while you're out, get yourself a coffee from Tim Hortons AND a donut. You'll feel better. Trust me.

  10. The watermark made me laugh! I also like the orange but you have to love your quilt otherwise it makes no sense. And I would even recommend to turn away from purple and take your light grey colour choice. You already have strong purple inside and you would need the exact same colour shade and it may be a little bit much in the end. With the grey all your colour would really pop out, especially your great work with the single blocks! :) (At the moment I am not always up to date to my favorite blogs... so just now my few cents ;))

    Greetings from Korea,

  11. It doesn't serem stupid to me!
    I love how it looks, honestely!

  12. eh! eh! eh!
    i prefer it in orange (I'm one that didn't leave any comment in the before post!!!)
    xxxx Ale

  13. Hi Michelle. Before you do anything irrevocable, take several of your quilt squares (particularly the dark ones) to the fabric store. Open out some black fabric and lay the squares on it to see how they look. It's just possible black might look really well. Hope you find what you really love!


  14. Love the watermark too LOL
    I really like that the orange is stripey toned, that actually adds another dimension to the sashing so Ive learnt something useful from your 'practise sashing run'....: )
    And I too think its warms it up quite nicley but a shame you dislike it.
    You know the Q&U Quilting lady makes bright colourful quilts and they always look so great, so yours doesnt strike me as halloweeny at all!
    But I still reckon purples an ace choice.
    Of course you could make some pumpkin cushion covers with that orange, skew whiff, log cabinny-ish some pumpkin shapes? lol
    And anyway there might be a sale fabric in the stores when you go.........or a pair of curatins even in an op shop.......so take heart, maybe Fate has a different fabric 'in store' for you! lol

  15. Corner posts baby, corner posts! Whatever color you choose, OTHER THAN GREY, I think the quilt would look even better with little square posts to break up the sashing...and perhaps act as a "mediator" between colors represented in your quilt. I'm not opinionated..ha ha. But you did ask...
    I think the orange could work as possibility for either sashing or posts, or maybe even make star posts out of it!

  16. I like its Halloween-ish looks either!

  17. Michele- you are utterly delightful.
    that is all.

  18. I like it better than the purple. You have too much purple in your squares and purple sashing would subdue those squares. Orange would not have been my first choice (my husband would LOVE it) but the way you have combined the deep orange with the lighter orange allows each square to say its own little piece.
    I still like the gray best because the squares are the stars with a neutral sash. But, you are the artist and I trust your judgment.

  19. You crack me up, Michele! And you were only doing what you do best - using what resources you had on hand. It's not all that bad, just not your traditional sashing. Who knows, you could be starting a new trend! If you still want to use the yellow and orange, I would agree with Cathy to do corner posts to help break it up. But then it would probably look even more (stupid) Halloween-y. Live and learn!

  20. I think it would have been better with the purple or brown, but it still looks so pretty. I really don't think Halloween when I see it. Maybe, harvest time and fall, but not Halloween. Everyone here has a lot of great ideas here.

  21. I love the orange but it does look a tad like halloween.... purple will be lovely!

  22. I have so been in your shoes....the orange is okay, but it will eat away at you and you'll never be satisfied with it. Ripping the stitches isn't too bad...just put on a good show and relax a bit.

  23. Love the orange...purple just isn't my favorite. :)

  24. Your opening had me expecting something awful! But the image of the sashed pieces is quite - well as some of the previous commentors have said - warm and cheerful and very pretty. It looks more happy and sunny and does not at all remind me of Halloween. If I were going to make this into a Halloween Quilt - I would actually choose purple.

    I would move forward carefully and slowly. Put this away for a bit and let your inner muse work on it. Don't be in such a hurry to select new fabric and pull this apart. In time you may see it with a new eye.

  25. Yip it kinda does scream Halloween doesn't it :-)


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