Friday, March 1, 2013

Five More Little Things

As in, five more little things I aim to confess:

Thing 1:  I'm especially talented at sleeping in the day time. I have a nap pretty much every afternoon in lieu of psychotherapy.

Thing 2:  A couple weeks ago, I went all techno, bought my very first portable hard-drive and learned from my Lo how to back-up my blog photos. Now, for the first time ever, I'm all backed-up. Tee hee.

Thing 3:  I've had a super-super-secret crush on Jerry Seinfeld for 20 years give or take. To this day, I think he's a hilarious dreamboat. Tell no one.

Thing 4:  A few days before Christmas, I set my compost on fire and had to call 9-1-1. I managed to get the blaze mostly under control, but not before 12 firemen in their bright red fire-engine and full gear showed up on the doorstep to save this damsel in distress. Poor me, eh?

Thing 5:  The beautiful Boy turns 9 years old today!!! Not exactly a confession. Only the sad/happy (not quite sure which) truth. Here he is in what he calls the "warm" snow (it's sticky)!

The Boy yesterday.


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Oh yes... And a note to you who commented on this week's quilt posts (here and here). I just want to say how grateful I am to you for taking the time to respond and give your input on this project. I'm so lucky to have you there. I continue to work on the quilt. I've ripped it apart and am now putting it back together. I'll return after the birthday weekend (I celebrate my birthday as well) with an update. Please have a safe and happy weekend okay?


  1. Happy B-Day to you and your featherless biped. P.S. Warm snow was always my favorite...great snow-man material.

  2. Happy Birthday to both of you Michele!
    May you have wonderful time!

  3. Nine!! K turns nine in May. He is looking older in the gorgeous photo of him in the warm-snow.

    I too take naps almost every day. My day doesn't feel right and neither do I if I don't take a nap. I love naps and they are so good in so many ways.

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday! You always, always make me smile. I like your nap in lieu of psyschotherapy. ;-) It costs less.

  5. Hi Michelle,

    Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy. Love the photos. I may just start 'trying' to nap in the early evening after work. That sounds like a cool thing to do ;-)


  6. a BIG Happy Birthday wish to you both!! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Naps are the best they let you unwind, but also refresh!
    Lovely photos!

  7. Happy Birthday to you both!

  8. Happy Birthday to you and The Boy! Hope you have a great birthday weekend celebration!

  9. Feliz aniversário para os dois!
    Cochilos são ótimos!!!!
    Um abraço!


  10. Buon Compleanno to you all!!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  11. Happy Birthday to you and your grown-up boy!!

  12. Happy Birthday to you both! My son and I both have very close birthdays too! 4 days apart. Enjoy your weekend!!

  13. Enjoy your weekend, and any treats that come your way. Happy Birthday !

  14. Oh happy birthday to both you and the boy!! Hope you are thoroughly spoilt over the weekend :-) Nice to read those random things about you too. I quite like a little nap during the day too, just bought my first portable hard drive and love Jerry Sienfelds humour.

  15. Happy Birthday weekend to you two! I like your little confessions! Thanks for sharing! Fire bad, but Fire Fighters.....mmmm.....mmmm.....good!!!

  16. Wishing the Boy a wonderful day...and hoping there is no more spontaneous combustion at your house!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday to the Boy!

  18. Better last than never right?

    Happy Birthday to Boy - and a hug! Awesome birthday photo mom - frame it!!!

    Three cheers for this fabulous 5 things series! I love it! (And ps naps keep you young and alive longer!)

    And - The snow drenched tree branches image - spectacular.

  19. Love the compost story, Michele :) Happy belated birthday to you and the boy!


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