Sunday, June 16, 2013

Five Little Things: The Father's Day Edition

Five Little Things is a sometimes-series of posts in which I mention five little things about myself. In celebration of Father's Day, I'm dedicating today's installment to the man of the house, my sweet husband Lo.

Thing 1: When Lo wears out his plaid cotton shirts, he gives them to me to make stuff with. I love getting these old shirts, and he knows it. It's very like Christmas when it happens, I think.

Thing 2: Lo is the cook at our house, and a really great one at that. His bubbling enthusiasm over culinary discoveries naturally means that, while he is in the getting-to-know-you phase of a new ingredient, we will eat many many many consecutive meals involving it. His latest discoveries include fennel and halloumi cheese. Yum-oh!

Thing 3: Lo really dislikes being bossed around. But bossing people around is one of my very best and most developed talents so we may be at an impasse on this front.

Thing 4: I've recently heard myself saying: "Daddy stop sticking food in your ears. We have to eat those."

Thing 5: Lo and I made the small soap stone "ruin" together (see picture below) in the early days of our courtship over 15 years ago. It's one of my favourite things in the world.

To Lo, and to all the beautiful fathers out in the world, Happy Father's Day!



  1. Ah, that's so wonderful. Happy father's day, Lo and everyone!

  2. Lovely post! Your ruin is a keeper, so is your man!

  3. Beautiful post Michelle! Love your soap stone 'ruin' - great teamwork there!

  4. Such a fun and endearing post. I surely wish my mind worked like yours!

  5. How lovely to say it and say it loud for all to hear!
    Bless that man........he has kind eyes, he cooks and is creative...and he sounds like every kids dream dad.........
    okay I admit it.........Im envious lolol

    and he even successfully manages a self confessed bossy woman and she still adores him... he's clever that man!

  6. Too cute :) Happy Fathers Day!


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