Friday, July 26, 2013

A Letter from The Boy


How are you?
How do you feel?
I really like your music!
My favourite is Rock Band Rolls Silent.
What's your favourite music?
What are you doing?
I'll see you soon so I'll say goodbye now. 
From B To The ABBA People

The other day, Lo found this letter in his files. It dates from July 2009 (pre-blog). It's a letter The Boy wrote to the music group, ABBA, when he was 5 years old (he's now 9). In his letter, he tells ABBA he likes their music BUT his favourite song is called "Rock Band Rolls Silent". This happens to be a song that he has written himself (at the ripe old age of 5)...

I'll say this much for him. The kid has balls. Oh, and ABBA never replied (by the way). But that's okay, we forgive them. And we still love them.



  1. I think he's a Super Trooper!

  2. Oh just precious!
    You must keep this to show him when he is all grown.
    Too cute!

  3. dear abba people,
    how do you feel?
    a little LAME for not replying to this adorable letter?
    yes, you should.
    better late than never.
    goodbye for now.

  4. This is the best! I love Abba too! The boy rocks! I think he's my hero! Heheheheee!

  5. Adorable...

    Good for him to write his own music already!!


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