Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The August Break 2013

Last year I did something a little different during the month of August. I created a bunch of simple posters using my photos, set the blog to automatically publish them throughout August, and pretty much took the whole month off. It was wooooonderful! To be able to step away from the computer and the crafting like that, and let my auto-pilot do the flying, was such a welcome thing. I've decided to do it all over again this year with a slew of brand new michele-made posters.

I want to acknowledge Susannah Conway for planting the August Break seed last year. I'm so grateful to her for expressing out loud that resting and re-fuelling are necessary for bloggers like ourselves. Had I not had her example, I might not have taken that time off last year even though I really needed it. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom Susannah!

I hope that you will find time this August to rest and relax and enjoy the remnants of summer too. We work hard, don't we? We are so busy! Let's listen to our weary minds and bodies, take care of them, and permit ourselves a time of recovery. I think you deserve it. I think I deserve it, darn it... Jeepers, it feels good to say those words out loud!

I wish you a beautiful August. Take care of yourself and stay safe, okay?



  1. Fill your batteries! Enjoy the summer!

  2. Enjoy your break and a wonderful Summer Michele!!

  3. What a wonderful idea that you set your computer to post for you. If you ever find out how to program your sewing machine to do the sewing for you too please let me know. LOLLL Have a wonderful, restful August.

  4. Good for you! Happy Vacation to you.
    I am back now, and I have to say it was good to take a break.
    Looking forward to your return!

  5. Enjoy your break! I am going to do the same :)

  6. Good idea. No matter how much you enjoy something, it is good to take a break, relax and maybe do something else for a spell.

  7. Ótimas férias para você! Aproveite bastante!
    Tenha certeza que estaremos todos aqui a sua espera em setembro!
    Um abraço!

    Great vacation for you! Enjoy a lot!
    Be sure that we will all be here waiting for you in September!

  8. Have a great break Michele! So true we all need one! Mine comes at the end of the year here when my girls get their 2 months summer holiday off school!


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