Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sneakin' a Peek

Hi.  Here's a wee look at my remedy to avoid scratching the infernal poison ivy blisters on my arms and legs. A sweet summer project involving junkmail and Mod Podge... More soon, okay?



  1. my nemesis is poison oak.
    i avoid it at all costs & even moved to another state to get away from it : )
    if i came in contact, i would have to medicate, then wrap the blisters in gauze & tape. this keeps the air off of them, which in turn keeps the itching at a minimum.
    so sorry! maybe that will help?? ♥

  2. Poison ivy!?

    There's a blog post in those words.

  3. I thought that was fabric! Makes me want a fabric line called "junk mail."

  4. I love a good collage to keep hands busy... And so glad never to have encountered poison ivy!

  5. First, love the new look!!
    Caught me unprepared though :)
    Hope you heal soon!

  6. I am so intrigued!!! I'm itching to see it (no punn intended).

  7. OH GOODNESS! I hope you get better soon!!!

  8. Two things I've learned about poison ivy:
    1. Use alcohol to remove the plant oil.
    2. Jewelweed was the only thing that worked to heal the terrible rash I had. I bought the soap and the salve online and used them both till it was gone. Nothing else worked before I used Jewelweed.

    Hope it goes away quickly!

    Crafty Journal

  9. Hi Michele. Might I suggest getting some Fels Naptha bar soap for your poison ivy. I am allergic to it and it is the only thing that get rid of those nasty blisters!! Good luck, Debbie

  10. I'm sorry to hear you got this rash. Oh how awful! Hope some of these ideas are helping like from Noreen. And is the blog looking different or is it just me?! Get well soon and I look forward to seeing more of this junk mail craft project.


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