Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bloggy Blues

Getting back into blogging has become a challenge, honestly. I'm truly struggling. With the words. With collecting my thoughts into something worth sharing. With spending time in front of this screen. I don't know. It's worrying... Has this ever happened to you?

I am creating. So that's not the issue. See? I'm attempting to paint. Above is a little glimpse.

Any advice for these post-summer bloggy blues of mine?



  1. I enjoyed your pictures through August. Hard to get back in the groove after a vacation.

  2. Are you in a hurry??? no worries, the right moment will come!!!
    I'm struggling a lot right now with blogging, but because my mind is still set on the Holidays mode!!! ;oD
    a big hug, xxxxx Ale

  3. Just post something small everyday. It could just be a photo of a bug. Or a painting.
    It will come back to you. It is a discipline, so just by doing it, it will be done!


  4. I have had the same problem. It was the fog of the summer. Now the kids are at school and the house is quiet some of the time my brain cells have come back!

  5. For me it is as easy as it is hard. Find your true motivation for blogging. Not only what you like to achieve but deeper down what you get (especially emotional) out of it. We all invest only energy in something where we get some kind of reward out of it. This is different for every one. But if you know why you are blogging and what you gain from it for yourself, you can also see what creates problems or if something changed. For example, my blog is something deeply personal for me. More like a diary than anything else. Even if I don't write it down in words always, my creations are combined with memories, emotions, they reflect me. Seeing them is bringing images and memories back to life. I love that other people are reading my blog and that they like what I create. But in the end I know that I am writing / blogging for myself. It is a process of reflection what is going on around me, of recording my creations, all these little things that create a bigger picture together. If I am struggling to write it is because I don't want something to be true. To write things down in my blog means to make them somehow more real, to start thinking about it. I can't just go on with blogging and ignoring this so sometimes I just don't write anything at all. So I think knowing why one is blogging and what one is gaining from it (just for oneself, inside) also leads to an explanation why it is difficult to go on from time to time. Everyone is fighting this problem from time to time but I think the reason and solution is very different for every one.

    Oh... okay... and sometimes I don't blog on a regular basis because my digi is not working good anymore ;)

  6. Hey Michelle, I hear ya! I am a new blogger. So new that I am my only follower! This doesn't stop me from posting thoughts from time to time though. I came upon the Blogtember challenge and this has inspired me with ideas to write about.

    You can check out the ideas here:

    I have no affiliation with this blogger, but just want to pass along the challenge.

  7. Welcome back! Glad you've enjoyed the break and getting back into a routine can take a while your right lol
    But... no one expects a post daily surely?
    With 2000+ followers how many leave a comment and expect a reply?
    So how many would expect a post every day?
    Few I would think, and am sure all, like me, are still chuffed when you do post, for a chat or to show what you've been up to!
    Well my few followers must think Ive died if they expect a daily post from me!!
    Ive been sorting and packing up to move for weeks now and it am hoping the date will be confirmed as one day next week.
    But I wont be moving into my next place for a week or three, so will be storing my stuff...........not even sure where yet!!!
    My brain is so fugged with moving concerns, I cant concentrate on my own blogging as well, so Im being remiss and absent till I have something positive or interesting, to say!
    Though there might be a quick post about stitching because Im suffering cold turkey from stitching, with all this blessed packing and boxing. So Ive been hand stitching scraps to keep my fingers busy and to chill out my brain.
    And ..........Ive given and donated ssome 30 huge bags of my stuff to the local art college and to charity shops, so I should be making moving easier lol but oddly enough - Ive still got some 30 boxes plus of fabrics and crafty bits lol
    Don't rush in - we aren't holding our breath here,
    though it is nice to know your well :)

  8. Hey Michele, welcome back! I agree with Saraccino, once you find your true motivation for blogging, posts will come easier. Perhaps that motivation is not the same as it was before your break. I'm constantly re-evaluating my motivation and it does change or get more defined each time I look at it! Or maybe that means I just haven't found my TRUE motivation yet - but I shall keep looking! Hope you find yours!!

  9. I know a lot of people taking time out from sewing and blogging right now, I think it does just happen at this time of year so I wouldn't worry, sometimes you just need to recharge.

  10. I have been in the exact same place all summer. I have stuff To DO!!! And when I am at the computer, I can't think of anything clever or meaningful to share. Sigh. Just ease back into blogging.


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