Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Workroom is DONE.

It's just blogging. No big deal. Jump in and just DO IT already. Okay? 


Deep breath... 

And go!


Guess what?

I finished my workroom. And here it IS...

Today I'm sharing the overall space. In future posts I'll get into the nitty gritty details (the fun part, in my opinion).

It was a little tricky cramming the whole kit 'n caboodle in one photo. The picture quality kinda blows as a result. But I wanted to give you a sense of the whole space in one fell swoop, you know? So you could imagine yourself in here with me. The quality is what it is. What's a girl to do, eh?

First off I just want to say that Lo and I, over the past few years, have spent many many weeks, and days, and hours gutting the entire basement, reconfiguring the space, putting up new walls and drywall, installing flooring, windows, electrical, heating. Not to mention tons of painting and trimming. It's taken us... well... YEARS. But things are finally, FINALLY, getting there.

Let's have a tour of sorts. Starting with paint colours.

Well, I decided to go with a pop of colour in the floor. I wanted and needed something bright and cheery down here. So I went with Para's SuperGrip Epoxy-Fortified Enamel For Floors (mouthful) in a hue known as "Pop Rocks". It has a slight sheen so it's lovely to wash. I'm told it's durable. It sounds durable. But who knows... Time will no doubt tell.

I left the walls in a shade known as "Washed Ashore" (by CIL) that I'd applied a few years ago. It still pleases me, so all I did was spot paint here and there to fix the few unsightly marks that life had left behind. It's a pale aqua-tinted grey in a flat sheen. Still pretty (and quick too)!

The black Ikea bookcase, which we've had for about eight years, sits in a nook that I painted black to match the bookcase. I did this to give the illusion that the case is built-in. It looks fabulous. It was a natural spot for this wicker reading chair too, and combined with the overhead lighting that Lowell installed a few years back, this is the coziest little spot in the workroom.

All trim is painted in plain white semi-gloss, FYI.

Below is a better view of my worktable. Except for a couple things, most everything you see here was in the old space. Actually, Lo came home with this perfect new-to-me yellow lamp just yesterday. It's a vintage find. He picked it out by himself and everything. Could he be more sweet? Don't think so.

Lo gave me permish to use any old wood from his stash. So I went berserk and built, with my own two little hands, the two pink storage shelves you see on the walls. I'll discuss them again in a later post, but for now here below, is a closeup of one of them. You've seen the other one back here too, btw.

I'm proud of my little shelves. Having all my paints and buttons and things so visibly at hand is so... HANDY. It makes doing things much easier and more pleasant. And oddly, just being able to see my stuff makes me want to use it. It's very interesting, from a psychological perspective I mean.

And finally here's the last little bit. Some of this stuff could stand to be better arranged and organized, but hey, as of right now I know where everything is, and it's all clean and tidy. Three cheers for me!

Wow. I blogged. I actually blogged!

Crazy stuff eh?



  1. A beautiful, creative space!
    Your frustration about photographing the whole space is exactly how I feel
    about photographing whole quilts! Much harder than an artsy shot of a stack of hexagons. ;)

  2. YOur two hands did good on the pink shelves. I love your space and look forward to the wonderful stuff that will soon emerge from it!

  3. Wow! Congrats on your beautiful new workspace! I hope it does the trick. And so happy to hear from you in blogland! Have fun.

  4. Very nice. It looks so organized and ready for your creativity to shine.

  5. OMG love love your space. The colour on the floor rocks - and the black behind the bookcases is genius. You are going to be crafting some FINE makes in the space, for sure. Ps.The yellow lamp is a lovely gift - what a thoughtful husband.

  6. your workroom is so nice!!!!!
    ready to start all again? hope so !!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. Oh.. I love your work room!
    You've created a real special place and invested so much energy and money but from what i can see it is worth it!
    I wish you tons of creative days spent here !!

  8. Hello, Craftypod said I could find the best hexie tutorial on your blog! Help... I cannot find it. I'm making my first hexie quilt ever. Instagram: dlynnb

    1. That's funny. I don't have a hexie tutorial that I can recall but I do know of one. Here's the link:

      Hope that helps D!

  9. I love your craft room
    I am working to get mine like that. but slowly but surely it will come along..

  10. Congratulations on blogging again :) Lovely space! Mine is still a work in progress...I think it will be for a long time! Did you paint and recover the ikea chair (the one at your desk)? We have them for dining chairs and I've been wanting to pretty ours up.

    1. Hi Abby,

      The Ikea chairs were originally white which means I just recovered the seat. So easy to do too! This one is covered with a fat quarter my sister gave me. Can't beat that eh?

  11. Indeed! Many cheers for you and Lo! Gorgeous space, Michele!!


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