Friday, September 20, 2013

Guest-Posting at Sew Ready To Play Today

Do you remember my good friend Louise from I'm Feelin' Crafty? Ya, you met her in person back here? Well... she is hosting a merry event this month called "Sew Ready To Play".  In Louise's words, the idea behind the series is this: "You pick a game and sew anything that is inspired by that game". The event is in its 3rd year (check out all the goodness from previous years HERE) and guess what... this year I get to "play" along!

Nifty, eh?

Sneak a peek at what I made...

Hmm, can you tell what it is?... To see more, hop on over HERE!



  1. I am not only amazed at the quality of the vest you created but that you still fit into that pattern!

  2. Love your vest Michele!!! It's so great. Love the etch design.


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