Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Michele's Top 10 Excuses For Not Even Trying

If rationalizing not doing something were a business, then I could be its CEO. I excel at finding reasons for not trying new things. I'm like a professional at it. Here's a list of my Top 10 (there are more, yes) Excuses For Not Even Trying:

Excuse #1:  Nope, can't do it. Can't afford to spend money on such frivolity. We're on a tight budget here.

Excuse #2:  Are you kidding me? There's no time. I'm too busy with all the crap I'm already doing.

Excuse #3:  My family is way more important. The precious time that thing would take up should really be spent with them.

Excuse #4:  That activity just does not jive with my life philosophy, sorry.

Excuse #5:  What thing? Oh right... Um, I totally forgot to sign up for that.

Excuse #6:  I'm gonna fail! I'll be freakishly incompetent and everyone will make fun of my ridiculousness.

Excuse #7:  Seriously, I don't have the character to see that through. Eventually, that thing will bore me and I'll end up quitting, so why bother even starting?

Excuse #8:  What if I discover I'm good at it? Will I have to do that thing, like, forever? Naw, I'd rather not open that can o' worms.

Excuse #9:  Will there be lots of people involved? Because I'm way too shy to be around all those strange folks.

Excuse #10: No! I do NOT perform/learn/hear/see/feel/eat/breathe well in that kind of large/open/loud/busy/small/closed/quiet environment.

I've spent the last few years putting this handy list, in its entirety, to very good use.

Case in point, I've been considering taking a painting class. See, there's a little art school just down the street. I've looked into their painting classes on many occasions. They offer watercolour, oil, acrylic painting. You name it, they paint it. Yet I've never seen fit to sign up. I've walked past the little art school for the nine years that we've lived in this house. And for nine years running, I've found excuses to not take a class.

Until a few weeks ago, that is.

A few weeks ago, my husband put his foot down and made me do it. He made me spend the money. He made me find the time. So for eight weeks I'm spending every Tuesday afternoon in the company of kind strangers in the little art school down the street learning to paint with acrylics. It's intimate. It's scary. And I may fail.

But you know what? I'm loving it. I'm getting out of the house. I'm spending time with other human beings. I'm putting aside my Top 10 List - for now - and, by gum, I'm trying something new.

Above is my very first class assignment. It's called "The Boy" of course.


P.S. Thanks for your understanding regarding the blog feed situation. We've managed to fix it now, so Michele Made Me should be updating smoothly once again Jiminy Cricket! A big hug to my blog guardian angels for helping me put things right. Thanks a ton for saving me, you guys!


  1. Oh my... you got it girl! Hurray for Mr MadeMe to gently force you into taking a painting class. You are so talented and don’t be scared off if people say that, because you know it’s true!

    Love The Boy on The Quilt!

  2. Wonderful news! The painting you shared with us here is just wonderful, and shows just how much talent you have! Enjoy your class, Michele, and keep painting! :-D

  3. Vá, vá, vá, vá e não desista no meio do caminho!
    É claro que você vai ter muitos sucessos!
    Sempre vale a pena tentar!
    Coragem e PARABÉNS!
    Um abraço!

    PS: Viva o senhor MadeMe!

    Go, go, go, go and do not give up halfway!
    Of course you will get many hits!
    Always worth a try!
    Courage and CONGRATULATIONS!

    PS: Mr. MadeMe Viva!

  4. Number 10 made me laugh. I am so impressed with your first painting and with your husband, who appreciates your artistic soul. How did the boys tree house turn out, btw?

  5. ◄-l-o-v-e-►
    michele, this is beautiful.

    once, while over-committing in multiple arenas of my life, i was THIS CLOSE to volunteering to coach little league. my dear friend made me repeat after her, "it is not in the best interest of my family at this time, it is not in the best interest of my family at this time, it is not in the best interest of my family at this time."

  6. I love it and the role the quilts plays. Way to go!!

  7. We have far too many of the same excuses on our lists of "not right now" reasons. I'm very glad to see you tossing that list out the window for the duration, and I hope it feels as exhilarating for you as it does for me when I lose the same list. *smiles* Beautiful painting!

  8. Excuse or no excuse, it was worth the wait. What a GORGEOUS painting. Holy cats?!?!

    You hub deserves a hug for that push -- you needed it. And we'll ALL benefit from it. Can't wait to see what you cook up next.

  9. Look at the amazing painting you created!! Amazing! You are so talented!! Throw those excuses out and put them in the trash!!! Go girl!!! You can do it!!

  10. You are definitely so far, from failing! It is incredible!

  11. YAY for you!! It feels good to break out of our shells sometime, doesn't it?

  12. Shy? When you seem so confident in your posts on here and have 2000 or so followers - so I reckon you should cross that one off the list straight away lol
    And Id say that was a cracking good start to a new medium for you!
    'Boy on patchwork - 2013' - sounds good to me lol
    Though - are you going to have enough walls to hang the artwork on or will Lo be building an extention 'gallery'?

  13. A big applause for your husband !!!!!
    Well, even for your talent!!!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  14. Way to go Mr. MadeMe!
    Sometimes all we need is a little/big push to get us going. I've always found that people see things in us that we don't and once we give it a try we're good.
    That picture is unbelievable! Oh wow! I've always enjoyed the other art you occasionally show on your blog so this is just the next step! Sooooo, what's next? (little push, little push).
    Oh and by the way, though I can relate to all 10 I really like #4 the best. It sounds so posh! You know what they say: "BS baffles!". It's great!
    Well done, Cathy.

  15. Oh wonderful! Glad you got over your excuses and are taking it. What a wonderful first painting! Bravo!

  16. Well I think it's safe to say this is something you have not failed at. Wow! It even has a Michele style to it and it's your first.

  17. It's called being an introvert and it is a good thing (just very much misunderstood). Don't belittle yourself like that again, you hear. ;0) You appear to not really need art lessons but if Mr. Made Me thinks it's good for you, you must have convinced him so. Very jealous here.

  18. We have the same list!!!! You have excelled at painting, obviously. The Boy is brilliant. Way to get out there!!!


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