Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pyramidal Pincushion PDF Tutorial in The Shop!



Is it Thursday today? I believe so.

Well, this is as good a day as any to update the little Shop, I reckon. Today's offering is one that's been around a spell and that several people have asked me about over the last few years. And, I am nothing if not accommodating. After a while... eventually... when I'm good and ready, that is.

It is the downloadable "Pyramidal Pincushion PDF Tutorial" in all its colourful glory. Notice the cover page screenshot below...

In this tutorial, I show you how to put together this scrappy, felty, pyramidal pincushion. The supplies are decidedly simple. You'll need some felt and felt scraps, cotton string, embroidery thread, scissors, a few pins and needles, and of course the handy-dandy tutorial. With that, you'll be on your way!

The project is probably best suited for the intermediate crafter. You'll do well to posses some basic embroidery skills. And if you're one of those crafters with an artist's heart, you'll find you'll be able to make your very own customized version of the pincushion, if you so desire.

The 9-page PDF covers the step-by-step pincushion-making process and includes detailed photos, a full colour template, live links to some wonderful on-line embroidery instructions, and a convenient black-and-white printable version of the tutorial. 

Here's a screenshot of the last page with two versions of the completed pincushion.

I had a fun time creating and assembling the whole she-bang, and I think you'll have an equally fun time making it.  Henceforth, find the downloadable "Pyramidal Pincushion PDF Tutorial" in the Shop!



  1. I'm pleased to own a prototype! I love seeing it in my sewing room :)

    1. Yay Amy! I'm glad to know it's still alive after all this time. :)

  2. Beauty! When I saw the teaser post I wondered if it was a Michele special version of an American football. This is probably more pertinent to your readers, tho. hee! Love all the versions.


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