Friday, November 15, 2013

Question: What do you do with a glaringly blank wall...

.... and an irrepressible urge to cover it?

Answer: Take your foam trays collected over the last three and half years and a roll of masking tape. And stick it up there.




  1. No way! You are so clever! It works so well!

  2. Okay, and next? I would sneak into your house with magazine clippings of artsy things and glue stick them into the black rectangles just to see your face the next day. Or not. Looks fun to me, too bad I don't save things.

  3. yes me too but Id put odd letters on the trays and challenge you to make as many words from them as possible!
    Your crazy but it works so well! lol

  4. I have foam on the wall - a pink insulation trinity I completely understand.

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