Friday, November 28, 2014

Small Cousteau's Calypso Quilt Block

You got 'em too, don't ya? Fabric scraps, I mean? Yeah, me too... So I thought I'd gradually try to put a dent in the pile by rustling up a collection of small 3-1/2 inch (3-inch finished) quilt blocks. Slowly. Here and there. Now and again...

I've got a few made so far. They're cute, eh?

In a clockwise direction, I've got a blue and white shoo-fly block, and then a new-to-me block called Cousteau's Calypso in purply-pink 'n yellow. Had to paper-piece that one. Then there's a navy blue and white Patience block, and finally a pink and grey Cracker block.

What will I make with them? Heaven only knows... Got any ideas? I'm all ears.



  1. Hi,
    I've been following your blog and enjoying the diversity of your posts since I-don't-know-when without ever (I think) commenting, but I can't resist this challenge ;)

    Here my tuppence/train of thought:
    - the two upper blocks are entirely different in character from the two lower blocks, but go with each other (1 type)
    - the two lower blocks are very bold in comparison and they differ from each other, too (2 types)
    - if I wanted to combine all four in one quilt, I'd go for a fairly large one and keep the 3 types separate, for instance by starting with a square or diamond shaped center/cluster and building rows around that, then perhaps repeating the pattern of the center near the edge
    - if I'd rather have smaller pieces, I'd probably not combine more than two blocks/types

    Alternative: To make even more unusual blocks and not decide on a project until I'd got quite a batch of them.

    A colour scheme might help unite them.

    PS: I really like the Calypso - the different angles make it very lightweight - but the boldness of the lower blocks is just as intriguing :)

    1. Yeah, the Calypso is a nifty block, isn't it? Okay, so you think a larger quilt will be needed to accommodate a large variety of blocks. Thanks so much Quilting Oneness, I will definitely keep that in mind. Have a great day!

  2. They all look so cute, I'm sure you'll think of something fabulous to make with them.

  3. Pretty! Lovely to see you new posts every time. Whatever you will be trying, I bet that will be perfect. can't wait to see..
    well May be any wall art?

    1. Wall art is a fine idea and there are a couple walls in my house that could use something fresh… Thanks Khadija!

  4. On first glance, I thought the Calypso block was pie crust and berry filling. I enjoy seeing what you're up to and marvel how precise your creations are.
    Have you heard of this guild?

    1. Yep, I am a member-at-large, thanks Pearl.


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