Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tutorial: Toilet Paper Roll Trivet

It was destiny, plain and simple. You knew the toilet paper roll would show up here again. You knew I couldn't resist its curves and papery good looks much longer. You knew I'd dream up another something with it sooner or later.

You knew it, you wily thing.

So I made a trivet for holding hot things like pots and such. For instance, here is my TP roll trivet actively saving my table from the scalding teapot.

Nothing short of heroic, I'd say.

Would you like to see how I made it? Here I go.

Pretty self-explanatory, eh? You get the drift, I'm sure. But on the off-chance that you were wondering, you do need to cut up more than one TP roll to make a single trivet.  4 or 5 TP rolls cut into 1/4-inch (6mm) sections will do the trick for a one-layer trivet. Optionally, if you'd like to try a 2-layer trivet like the one pictured below, you'll need twice the amount of TP rolls and glue.

Note that I added cardboard circles to my trivets for strength. That is because they were hilariously floppy without them. I heartily suggest you support your trivet with a cardboard circle.

Isn't it nice to see the TP roll put to some practical use for a change? Yessiree, very practical indeed. I knew you had it in you, TP roll.



  1. Brilliant lol
    and sprayed silver theyd make xmassy stars too?

  2. nice !!!! A craft doable with the help of my boys!!!!!
    thank you Michele and happy weekend, xxxxx Ale

    1. Thanks Ale, and happy weekend to you as well. :)

  3. Funny you should be showing us this now - I made one several years ago and because it was so floppy, had no idea what to do with it!!! Thank you for giving me that last little tip so I can now do something with it. I was going to glue it to a clear CD disc and put it in the window but never got around to it. Michele, you are truly the QUEEN of card board crafts. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    1. Yeah, the cardboard circle is an essential ingredient I think. Otherwise the thing is pretty but flops around like crazy when you pick it up, hee hee.

  4. I don't think I'll use it as a trivet (maybe later I will) but rather than a way to make a REALLY inexpensive backdrop for my upcoming wedding!!! Can you just see these -spray painted of course in the wedding colors - hanging from fishing line as the back drop of the cake table or even a photo booth???? OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    1. Oo, I love that idea. Sounds so pretty! Happy wedding Lora!

  5. yep, I have been saving the toilet paper rolls and wondering what to do with them. There is something about cardboard.....always want to keep it for something? This is perfect, thank you. You always have the BEST ideas! Keep them coming.


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