Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To You!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year from my family to yours! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and constant encouragement over the last eight months! Many many warm hugs to you!

I will be away from my recycling bin for the next little while. My loves and me are taking to the snowy Canadian road to visit with friends and family. I'll be back on January 3rd with lots more crafty stuff. In the meantime, you take care of yourself and your family, be safe, and have a great holiday. I'll see you on the flipside!

[featuring the new font: Egg Carton ( I had to use it at least once... visit this post for the whole alphabet!)]


  1. So cool, ive enjoyed most of your post that ive seen....and even made on of your creations how cool is that lol....merry christmas Michele.

  2. I hope you & your family had a magical day. Do I ever love this font - who needs helvetica.

  3. I wish you and your familly a marry christmas and happy new year :D

  4. Merry Merry Michele! Safe travels!!

  5. Tous mes voeux pour la Nouvelle Année !!!!

  6. Happy New Year all the best and have a great holiday!!

  7. Kedves Michele!

    Békés karácsonyi ünnepet és boldog új évet hívánok ezzel a LEVENDULA BUZOGÁNNYAL!

    Nagyon sok ötletet találtam ezen a blogon. A különbség az, hogy ezeket KI IS PRÓBÁLOM. Gyerekekkel is lehet csinálni!!!!!!!És itt mindig találok újakat.....

    Örülök a sok újrahasznosított anyagnak, mert környezetbarát és OLCSÓ.

    Dear Michele!

    Merry Christmas and happy new year celebration this hívánok LAVENDER mace!

    I found a lot of ideas on this blog. The difference is that those who try. Children can do it!!! And here I always find new ones .....

    I'm glad a lot of recycled material as environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

    Szabó Csilla HUNGARY/BUDAPEST special education teacher


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