Friday, June 21, 2013

On My Quilty Way...

Remember these blocks back here? Well, they've been altered slightly and are presently being used to make the gift pictured here... These photos have been altered slightly as well. I'm showing them in black and white 'cause I'm trying to be discrete. Until I give the gift to the recipient family, I won't be showing it in all its colourful glory. So patient you must be.

I'm free-motion quilting (FMQ) the quilt. I created one design. Started quilting it. Hated it. Unpicked it. Let me state firmly. I do not like unpicking. However, I'm trying to deal with irksome predicaments such as unpicking with a little more calm and restraint than I normally would. I'm trying to remember that I don't have control over a lot of situations, only how I respond to them. So, yes, it took me two hours to unpick the two squares I'd FMQ-ed. And yes, I had to re-design the quilting pattern. But the good news is version 2 of the quilting pattern is much better! So, you know what? It's all good, right?

Also, I sometimes worry that Betty, my old White sewing machine, won't be able to handle the job of quilting, but there too I needn't get my knickers in a twist. She is up to the task. Take a gander at what she's done so far...

Not too shab for the old girl, eh?



  1. Estou curiosa para ver a cor que você escolheu para o fundo (base).
    A Betty é muito simpática!!!
    Um abraço, bom trabalho, paciência!

  2. your b&w snapshots are so evocative....
    xxxx Ale

  3. It looks like there is a little bit of sepia in your black and white pictures. Love that! The quilting looks fabulous!

  4. Love it!! Love the stitch design too, so I pinned in on my Quilt & Sew board for future reference!!

  5. Good job, Miss Betty White and you, too, Michele. Love the leaf pattern. Can't wait to see it in living color!

  6. Good on you Betty! So aptly named!

  7. its looking great so far and I still reckon older machines are worth their weight in stitching gold very often! Betty dun good so far just try and keep up right? lol

  8. I've got a vintage machine that I'd like to get fixed up. But my newer one still works, so I haven't worked up the nerve to tackle that project yet. You've inspired me!

  9. It's looking great Michele!! Love the quilting!!


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