Friday, January 18, 2013

The Boy's Bedroom Reno: Roman Blind

Lookee, I made a roman blind for The Boy's bedroom all by myself! Well... that's not entirely true. The boys helped a little. But the bulk of the help came from this talented lady (Alissa) and this talented lady (Jen). Ya, I couldn't have done it without these two and their beautifully detailed roman blind/shade tutorials HERE and HERE. Huge huge huge thanks to both of them!

The most exciting thing about The Boy's new roman blind is the action on it. What I mean to say is that it runs SO smoothely. That just makes me happy, you know? I pull the cord and the blind actually folds up so nicely! When things I make work this well, I feel like anything's possible. I love that feeling.

The Boy chose this fabric because he said it had a certain turkish flair. I have no idea what that means really... but I have to admit, Lo and I were both quite skeptical about it. Well not no more! Now we love it, and I'm so glad we let The Boy choose it.

He did good, didn't he?


Previous posts on this bedroom overhaul: here and here.


  1. The pattern reminds me of Mediterranean tiles! Clever Boy1

  2. Nicely done! I chickened out of making 5 of those for our office. Maybe with your encouragement, I could make two for my son's room though. They look great!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial links. We're selling our house, moving into a new one this year, and I want to make Roman Blinds for the next house. Your son has good taste in fabric!

  4. You all did great in your parts in creating it. Believe it or not I made a pair of pants of similar fabric when I was in high school and I wore them. :)

    Can't wait to see what else your creative boy picks.

  5. Love your fabric choice, love the look of Roman blinds, too.
    I've been wanting to spruce up the rooms in our house and this would be just the ticket.
    Thank you for the links to these fabulous tutorials :D

  6. Hello Michele,
    He did bloody marvellous. That is beautiful and the fabric is goregous. way to go!
    Big hug,

  7. Hi Michele, I love your blind. Gorgeous colours. Well done The Boy :-)
    If you have a snap of something that has made you smile you might like to join in the fun on my blog and share it with others....after all we can't have too many smiles can we?
    A x

  8. He did GREAT! I would not have picked it either, but the kid has vision and I love it. I saw that project too, and knew I wouldn't have the wherewithal to make it happy you tried it and SUCCESS!!!

  9. I love the fabric! To me, when I first saw it, it reminded me of Native American Indian flair. Excellent choice.

  10. Hello, Michele!
    This is very original and picturesque - good for you and for the choice your son has made. The motifs remind me of our famous, beautiful Chiprovtsi rugs - you can have a look and read about them here... I hope you'll like them!

    Their origin is connected with the time of the Ottoman empire's rule...

  11. Excelente escolha! A cortina ficou muito bonita e alegre!
    Este garoto "vai longe"!
    Um abraço


  12. Beautiful job Michele! Doesn't it feel good to accomplish a new project like that. I do like the boys fabric choice too.

  13. love this fabric!!!
    happy weekend, xxx Ale

  14. He did indeed and so did you! Way to go!!

  15. These look great, as usual. I've always wanted to do this, but it scares me for some reason! Way to go!

  16. He sure did! beautiful contrast with the crisp clean look of the window case and walls.
    nice job!

  17. Hi Michele - Your blind looks awesome! I love the fabric that you used - so pretty!

    Thank you so much for the link love - I really appreciate it!

  18. Would you be willing to divulge where the fabric is from? It would be PERFECT for a Moroccan bedroom I'm currently doing.

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Michele, I got it in the drapery department at Fabricland here in Canada. I couldn't find a name on the fabric (I think I sewed that part into the seams, goshdarnit...). But I hope that's enough info for you...

  19. How old is that kid? Turkish flare??! Hilarious. This is perfect timing because I think I might possibly make a blind for my new sewing room. The only issue is that it's a wide window that isn't very high. I think these blinds suit tall windows best. Hmmmm. I have a dilemma.

  20. That fabric is absolutely stunning - so bright and bold I bet it sets off your room so well! We use patterned roller blinds in our house, but the more I'm reading the roman blind DIYs, the more I'm thinking about making the change!


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