Quilting is one of my favourite pastimes, and you'll soon see that I'm especially fond of the old-timey, scrappy kind of quilt, you know? Here is a photo collection of the quilts I've made with links to accompanying blog posts for your convenience. Peruse away!


Reversible Scrappy String Rug  ↓

Rows of Bows  ↓

Quilted Heart Rug  ↓

Crazed Little Rug of Scraps  ↓

On A Picnic  ↓

Dresden Placemats  ↓

Hexistential  ↓

Baby Shoo-Fly  ↓

Sand and Beach Balls Baby Quilt  ↓

City Streets  ↓

Kept In Stitches Kaleidoscope  ↓

Raspberry Rows  ↓

So Early In The Morning  ↓

Little House Quilt  ↓

For Lo: A Crazy Quilt  ↓

The end.


  1. I found your work featured in the Creative Jewish Mom's blog.Your work is absolutely inspired, especially since you use so many "found" objects as art supplies! "The Boy" is lucky to be growing up in such a creative and loving home! Cheers!

  2. Michele, Do you think the same instructions might be used on cork instead of wood? I have been saving wine corks for ages and would love to make a colorful cork curtain from discs of wine corks and use the transfer idea. Have you ever painted cork - just wondered if the paint would adhere? Thank you, Lisa

  3. Thank you SO much for the trick for matching seams. So simple, so obvious and... so effective!!! Genius!

  4. Pinterest or facebook? I'd love to follow your lovely work...

  5. The flowers on your Welcome design are great. I wouldn't change them, but I would put a cloud, a sun or something above the word Welcome at the left. It looks a little empty there.

  6. Just found your blog.. We have much in commmon as far as crafts.. I have a hexagon quilt I made in the pattern of 1930's Grandmothers flower garden I will post on pinterest a pic. I have to take one. It has over 1800 hexagons in it.. I loved doing it the english paper piecing method.. I will try to follow you I am not sure how. I will connect myself to you on pinterest.. LOVE LOVE LOVE Your things.. very talented lady. Hope to get to know you better. I live in the mountains waaay up in Colorado and miss my connection with woment and crafts and quilting.. as I love it so much. HOpe to get to know you better.. thank you
    Stacey Belcher

  7. Your blog is so beautiful! Do you mind if I pin some things to my Pinterest boards? (No worries if you prefer that I not!)

    1. Hi Janice, As long as links are provided I don't mind the pinning. :)

  8. Dear Michele
    I am currently doing A Level photographer and i got instantly inspired by your work.
    I was wondering if you have any tips or methods that you have used that that i could use that could improve my own work.
    Also if I want to use Photoshop did you use any pacific tool that strengthened your own shots? Thank you Meg

  9. Hi!
    I find your blog inspiring and have nominated you for an award:

  10. Wonderful Find! Love your site with so many reuse and recycling tips. I originally came looking for ideas for things to do with Bamboo if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love your ideas!! It is a pity that you are so far, we are organising an small event about redesign and your ideas are really great. Do you know any similar minded person in London. Thank you for sharing again,

  12. I assist Seniors (85+ age) with their arts & crafts and it is so difficult to find Adult Pleasing Crafts that are both easy to do and have a pleasing look to them. While many have limited dexterity and/or forms of dementia, a lot of your crafts are do-able with these very special persons. Just wanted to say Thank You.

  13. Hi Michele, I wanted to let you know we linked to your tutorial on a post that is schedule to go live tomorrow at www.partysimplicity.com. Thanks for such an AWESOME idea!!! We linked back to your blog and highlighted your image of the lace garland-- thanks so much again!!! Sandy

  14. Ei, Michele! Bom dia!
    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho! Muito lindo!
    Citei e "linkei" você numa postagem que fiz no meu pequeno blog: http://jeitomineirodeser.blogspot.com
    Parabéns e sucesso!
    Um abraço!

    Egléa Senna


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