Friday, April 16, 2010

Cat and Mouse

Wherever possible in my crafts, I like to use stuff that I have here at hand. This craft is entirely made (except for the glue, that is) from stuff that was hanging around. I love to recycle (or is it re-use?... i don't know...)!

The collage is made from about ten-ish greeting cards which I collect and hoard (hee hee hee) in a bag in my laundry room. I have hundreds of them...

The picture frame was made by Lo and the boy from an old piece of door moulding that used to frame a now demolished doorway in the basement. Once it was made, the picture frame floated around the house for months and was used as a plaything until I got my grubby little hands on it a few weeks ago. Sshh... I covered it with old tissue paper and painted it and made it thoroughly unrecognizable.

That cat is looking pretty smug, I must say. Well, you would too if you had such a fine feast hanging around just waiting to be eaten! Poor little birdies and mices...


  1. Hi,I have come over from Ariane's blog. Your picture is just adorable!! Such a great idea to use old greeting cards.


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