Monday, April 12, 2010

Inaugural Post - B is for Blogging

I've never blogged before... It's my first post ever... Like, ever! I'm posting a photo of our "B"... We made a papier mache "B", the 6-year-old boy and I. It was interesting. Yes sir. I carefully showed him my papier mache technique but he soon found his own. His technique was far more liberated and free-spirited than mine was. The mash was everywhere and he was having a good time! Oh to be so carefree! Next time I will definitely need more newspaper to catch his spills. But we managed to clean the place up. Thank goodness for soap 'n' water! The final product, painted blue, will go on the wall in our basement where he has his own creative space. Here it is...


  1. The B is fabulous! Welcome to blogging!

  2. Welcome Michele! I look forward to visiting your blog and seeing all your projects. Ann :-)

  3. Coolness...I happened to see this in the links and thought I would check out your inaugural post.


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