Sunday, April 18, 2010


I have always thought of trying sculpting, but it's a little beyond my budget. What could I "sculpt with" in this recycling box of mine... Hmmm... Let me think... Well, there are Lo's old socks that I can't bear to part with... Hmmm... No, I'm not losing it. No matter what people say...

Here he is! My sculpture! Made out of my husband's old sport socks, some thread, a teensy bit of paint, and a tiny bit of glue.

I baptize him Sockrates...


  1. Wow! That's pretty amazing! I would have never guessed it was made out of old socks. Love it!!

  2. You are such a talented soul! Sockrates looks fantastic if a little scary. Ann :-)

  3. ?!?!?! WHO IS THIS?!?!?! I just stumbled in from image on more recent post. I have never even thought of using socks to build texture....geez that is such a cool idea! can you imagine this on a large scale? Maybe old towels would work too? Hmmmm........

    I tend to read faces with teeth as aggressive, but somehow he strikes me as very friendly. Nice to meet you sockrates!


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