Monday, June 28, 2010

Tutorial: Toilet Roll Flower Brooch and Ornament

Here's a toilet paper roll project that I came up with a while ago and thought I'd share as a tutorial. This fun craft makes a nifty brooch or Christmas ornament. Christmas, you say? Ya. I know. Maybe I'm ill or something but I made a whole whack of these as ornaments! However, the flower makes a lovely gift embellishment for any occasion (I'm putting one on the boy's teacher gift) and also looks great on a lapel!

Here's my list of supplies:

  1. toilet paper tubes (1 tube makes 1 1/4 flowers)
  2. cereal box board scraps
  3. fabric scraps
  4. pretty paper scraps (not shown)
  5. acrylic paint
  6. glitter glue (optional)
  7. brooch pin (for brooch)
  8. gold cord (for ornament)
  9. craft glue
  10. needle and thread
  11. polyester batting (not shown)
  12. circle template or round objects
  13. ruler
  14. scissors
  15. exacto knife
  16. pencil
  17. paint brush
Start by dividing your toilet tube into 4 equal parts. The standard toilet tube is 4" long so each section is 1" long. Each flower needs 3 sections. I made 2 flowers and used 6 sections.

With your circle template and cereal box board, cut out 1 small circle and 1 large circle for each flower (small circle= 1 1/8" diameter; large circle=1 3/4" diameter).

For each flower, paint one section of toilet tube green and the other 2 sections can be any colour you wish! I chose pink and red for my 2 flowers. Now draw little petals on all your flowers parts as in the photo below. Cut the petals out. You will have 3 little crowns for each flower.

Now take your fabric scrap and cut out a 3" diameter fabric circle for each flower. With needle and thread, sew a running stitch around the entire edge of the circle. Pull up the thread ends a little to make a cup shape. Place a few pieces of batting in the cup. On top of that place your small cardboard circle.

Pull the ends of your thread up and over your cardboard circle and pull tightly. Tie a knot. Looks like a yoyo, right?

Trim your thread ends. Place a dab of craft glue on the printed side of your large cardboard circles.

Place your little padded circles down on the glue.

Now you have all your flower parts as in the following photo.

Each flower will require 1 green toilet tube crown and 2 other crowns (any colour), and one of the padded fabric circles. Note that each green section has its petals curved out. For the other 2 crowns, curve one with petals in, and one with petals out.

Now take your (non-green) crown with petals curved OUT, and cut off one of the petals. Glue that cut crown inside the green crown. Take the next crown with the petals curved IN, and cut off one of the petals also. Glue that section inside the other two.

It's starting to look like something now!

Now take a padded fabric circle and run a bead of glue all around it.

Place your flower on top of your padded fabric circle and allow to dry. (Hopefully the padded circle fits in snuggly with little or no gaps.) Allow the glue to dry. We're almost done!

Next paint the back green.

To make a brooch, attach a brooch pin with a little craft glue. Allow to dry.

Or if you're making an ornament, use a needle and some gold cord to make an ornament hanger.

To finish off the back of my ornament, I glued on a little circle of colourful paper. So it's double sided!

The next step is optional, but I added a little sparkle to my flowers with some glitter glue!

ALL DONE! I made more... See?

Have fun making these! Drop me a line if you do, I'd love to see how they turn out for you!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love the shot of all of them together. I might have to make some for the Christmas tree. Great idea Michele!

  2. Wow you were busy making these! They would maake great xmas decorations. The white ones with the polkadots is my favourite.

  3. Very cute-I'm gonna try this. ~Debra

  4. very know i love some recycled crafts :) I am going to feature you next week at MMM!!!

  5. Those are so cute and creative!
    Olivia @Of Such is the Kingdom

  6. Very cool! Very creative! I've posted a link.

  7. How very cute (and totally clever!!!)

  8. I would love to take this to my Senior center for crafts. How do I print it out so I don't forget how to make it.
    MJ for the Senior Center

  9. Wow!! so beautiful!!!! I am making these as christmas gifts, I'm sure everyone one will love them!

  10. Michele, Love this idea,I'm thinking of a version w/o the fabric and plant a seedling in it for the kids to give Mom / Dad on Easter. Can't wait for Spring vacation! Thanks for the idea.

  11. I think you left out the step to curve the petals. Is there an easy way - like rolling them around a pencil to make sure they are somewhat even?

    1. I do mention the curving but you may have missed it. As for curving the petals, I just used my fingers. If the petals were cut longer, a pencil would work great as you suggest.

  12. I can't wait to make these like sunflowers with my kids at school for their classes to give to their mothers at mothers day!!! What a versatile craft....

  13. My six year old daughter and I made something like your flower ornament design but more simple and used as part of a garland on our dining room entrance way. We always make a seasonal deco for her bedroom so we are going to have fun using your idea incorporated into ours this Spring. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love them, I will try. Thanks for sharing.


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