Monday, July 12, 2010

Series 1 - Parts 6 and 7: THE FEAST OF THE FLOWER: Egg Cartons

Welcome to the Feast of the Flower Parts 6 and 7! Haven't done an installment in this series for quite a while and I got so involved in the making of egg carton flowers that I decided to do 2 installments in 1. If you're interested in knowing the motivation behind this series and seeing many more flowers, click here and follow the links back to the beginning.

Today you'll see 10 flowers instead of 5, all made with every part of the versatile EGG CARTON, scissors and glue. This post is mainly photos so just sit back and enjoy!

Flower #1.

Flower #2. Back

Flower #2. Front

Flower #3.

Flower #4. Side

Flower #4. Top

Flower #5. Side

Flower #5. Top

Flower #6. Side

Flower #6. Top

Flower #7.

Flower #8. Side

Flower #8. Top

Flower #9.

Flower #10.

And the obligatory group shots!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Good grief Michele! I had no idea an egg carton could be transformed into something so beautiful. You have an awesome talent for this. Ann :-)

  2. How on earth did you make these, must check out your last clever and wonderful...i love them x

  3. ..okay we need to get you on TV!


  4. Wow! These are awesome! I esp. love 4, 5 & 10, and all of them together! What did you do with them in the end - did they have a special purpose? (just curious!) I might have to attempt some of these myself :)

  5. So cool! May I suggest putting them on a string of Christmas lights so the center glows?

  6. Very impressive ! You have great talent , I am a crafter also but I never would have thought about this, good work!

  7. Who would of thought that you could make such pretty flowers out of an egg tray. Very cool!

  8. I used egg cartons to make handmade paper, but these suggestions are awesome

  9. Amazing work with recycling and creating. Love it!

  10. Sweet flowers! great up cycle - I wonder if the cardboard would soak up too much paint if I tried it...(?)

  11. Thank you for so many great ideas, Michele, you are an inspiration for me. Can you explain me, step by step, or picture by picture, how to do the flower # 8???


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