Friday, July 9, 2010

Tutorial: A Yarn Painted Greeting Card

As you will soon discover (if you haven't already), I love making things using stuff I find around the house and in the recycling bin, one of my favourite places (especially since I cleaned it, yesterday). This project is no exception! A yarn painted card!

Let's get down to business. Here's what you'll need:

Take your sheet of card stock. Make it the size you want and then fold it down the middle. My card, when folded, measures 4"x 5". Small.

Take your mesh bag and cut a piece of mesh that is a bit larger than your card: about 1 inch wider in both length and width.

Now you can, on a separate sheet of paper, draw out a design, but I just jumped in and improvised to my heart's delight! Do whatever works for you.

I took my yarn needle and threaded in some yarn. And then I began weaving the yarn into the mesh.

I wove in a little yellow circle going in and out of the mesh in a spiral. Note that I don't worry about the ends. They just hang around in back and the mesh holds it all in place.

Um, time for another colour!

Oh. It's growing! I'm just filling up the mesh with colourful yarn.

And now I've filled the whole thing. Now, I have to admit that this is a time-consuming little project. Make sure you REALLY like the person your giving this card to. It took me about 2 hours to fill in this 4"x 5" space, so they should be WORTHY!

So now, I machine-sew the mesh to the card, roughly a 1/4" from the edge of the card and all the way around.

This is what it looks like from the front so far.

See the white machine stitching there...

Now trim the edges of the yarn-painted mesh just past the edge of the card.

So it looks like this. Now you'll notice that the yarn at the top and bottom of the card is just sort of hanging there. What I do to rectify this situation is to run a thick bead of craft glue at both the top and bottom of the painting...

...Like so...And that holds everything in place quite nicely.

Let the card dry on a plate.

And voilà! A yarn-painted card for someone you LOVE!

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  1. It is beautiful! I have never saved an onion bag before but I just might have to now! It really gives such a wonderful look.

  2. This is so pretty and clever! I love your card - it looks quite reminiscent of Van Gogh paintings to me!

  3. This is so cute. I'm not into making cards but this looks really good. So much so I might even have a go. Brillant.

  4. Wow!!! I love it!! The picture is so unique and artistic!! A work of art!!!

  5. A lovely work of Art well done to you.

  6. Love this! A great way to use up left over yarn as well. Thanks for sharing this tutorial Michelle.

  7. Holey Moley. Thank is AWESOME. You could totally sell something like that!! Way to go!!!!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I love it!

  9. Yes it really is fabulous, well done. The person you give it to will have to keep it forever cos it's too lovely to even put in a drawer, let alone chuck out.

  10. It's awesome!
    Thank you!!!!!
    I just found your blog and it made my day!
    I want to try most of your crafts!!!!!

    God bless you!

  11. very nice, it gives ideas to do many things...
    congratulations for your blog

  12. world Champion !!!

  13. What a stunner! That's perfect upcycling.

  14. Oh wow! A lot of effort - but so worth it! You should start selling these, Christmas themed one's would've gone down a storm about a month ago!

  15. thanks for your sweet comments everyone. I must make another of these one day!

  16. vraiment géniale!! tu as de bonnes idées je suis moi aussi pour le recyclage des objets , nous allons avoir de quoi nous entendre a bientôt dane

  17. Oh WOW Michelle! I love this. I'm gathering the supplies as we speak. Truly the pinacle of recycling!! You are a peach.


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