Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Colourful Felt Monster

This week, but more like month really, I'm in the midst of a major workroom cleanup. It's crazy how much stuff I have to go through and organize and clean. Oh the cleaning... I'm trying to do it in little bits so as not to get overwhelmed.

Last night I tackled my felt pile. I 'felt' it needed some TLC. I wanted it organized by colour. I wanted to get it all on one shelf. I actually wanted to get it all in one room first. Many little piles had mushroomed magically in several different locations about the house. How that happened we'll never know... But after a few good hours of consolidating, dividing, ironing, and sorting, I managed to wrestle the colourful felt monster into shape!

Only 25 categories of craft supplies left to do! Sigh...

One step at a time, right?

Have an organized day!


  1. The felt looks beautiful and I find that a craft/sewing room is the ONLY fun room in the house to clean because you are playing and cleaning at the same time. ;)

  2. One step indeed. Today I am pre-washing, ironing and folding the new fabrics I have acquired over the summer and not used. (This is my break from the ironing board.) It is always fun for the first few fat quarters then you just kind of want it done lol.

  3. I am trying to organize so I really do understand. It is definitely one step at a time -problem is by the time I get to the end it is back to the beginning.

  4. I know how you feel.. our whole house has been invaded by many different crafty monsters over the years.. they are trying to take over and rule first our house, then who knows, maybe the world! I am also in a drive to organise but it all takes time.. I also like things organised into rainbows!

  5. I did the same to my craft room last Saturday. It took about 4 hours to tidy up and I did a tad bit of organising. It's now Thursday, and despite the fact i've been at work the past 3 days it's a mess again. I'm not sure how it happened. Sigh.. never ending battle isn't it?

  6. Do you know I like oranising all my things as much as actually making things!! I love putting things in tins and jars and little colourful piles. Love the pile of felt- very inviting!!

  7. What lovely goodies you have! I'm so getting into felt right now. But it's so expensive here.

    All the best with your organizing everything. I'm doing the same with my sample fabric pieces, washing, ironing, etc. New season and on to new things right :D


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