Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In the Making: Dolly Donations Part 3 (Completed!)

Meet the boys. They are a precious bunch, aren't they? They have similarities that's for sure. They've all been cut from the same cloth, so to speak, but each has his own little personality that makes him stand out from the rest.

They are a bright bunch, that's for sure. A few of them are quiet, others not so much. Two of them are cerebral types, or geeks as we used to call them in high school, but they occupy each other. Others are more artistic; one of them is a wonderful dancer in point of fact. Two are sports stars, one in track and field events and one in soccer (and he is a confident little gaffer, I should tell you). One of them has two left feet and is clumsy as all get-out (bet you can't guess which one), but, oh, he has an unparalleled singing voice. One has his nose in a book most of the time and must be told to wash his hands at least five times before he actually gets up off his rump and listens.

But I love them all equally and unconditionally as only a maker could.

And tomorrow, despite their obvious youth and inexperience, I send them alone (but together) into the big wide world.

Where will they go, you ask? Well, they begin their journey here in Canada, and then they hop over to glamourous California for a short stay. Their final destination is Haiti however, where they will be adopted by some eager young chaps who will no doubt love them and cherish them. That is my fondest hope!

Let us wish them a safe journey and a life full of love, health and happiness! Adieu little dollies!

And you, have yourself a fine day!

P.S. For more info about Dolly Donations, click here. To see my earlier posts on this subject and some fun detail photos, click here.


  1. They are darling! You have inspired me to make some. I have pictures of them in progress on my blog. I love the faces you gave them :)

  2. It's hard to find dolls that boys will like, but you've done it. Nice thought! So many children don't have any toys.You are a kind person to do that!

  3. Those are fabulous! I would never think/be brave enough to cut green or blue hair but it looks so adorable! These dolls will definitely be loved by the boys that receive them. They are amazing creations. Lots of love went into them!

  4. Very nice ... We wonder how you made the eyes ????
    And also , we've made our table decorations ... Inspired by you ..... here :

  5. What a wonderful thing to do. I have made clothing to send to Haiti and it is amazing the feeling it gives you to do something for those who need so much. Thank you for your unselfish efforts.

  6. These little dolls have turned out just gorgeous and I can see they each have their own personalities. I'm sure they will be well loved.

  7. What an adorable bunch of boys they are! They are going to be so well loved. I can see the different personalities too :D I love the hand sewing you did, how fantastic! And the belts and buttons and ties and pockets, super special - a reflection of their creator :D

  8. Ah your little boy dolls are so adorable. I just love all the little details you put into them. They will surely be loved.

  9. Hi Michele! I wrote a post about Dolly Donations today and found your picture on the Flickr group. I hope you don't mind if I use it in the post! I've also linked back to your blog. If you'd like to grab a button, feel free! :o)

  10. Oh i just love them!!! Thank you!!! They are too cute! Apologies for the delay in getting your chaps up on the blog.... they're up for all to see now :)


    thanks so much,
    Take care and Happy Sewing!

    Dolly Donations: Sending Love 1 Dolly at a Time!


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