Monday, August 2, 2010


Some might say the boy is a boy of many hats. And that would be true in more ways than one. He is a busy one. His mind is full of play, invention, building, drawing, and playing some more. His hat he takes off. His hat he sets down. His hat we never set eyes on again. And as parents are want to do, we go out and buy him a new one. Because a boy needs his hat, you understand.

Now, today I decide that the buying of hats is in the past. Today is a good day for making hats. So I get out that old pair of Lo's jeans that I was saving for just such an occasion, and I get out some newsprint, and the hat-making begins.

First I measure the boy's head, and draw out a pattern based on the circumference of a circle: 2πr. I cut out the pattern, pin it on the jeans and cut out the denim pieces. I also cut out the same exact pieces from the small orange fabric square living in my stash.

I pin everything together. All the denim shapes to make one hat side, all the orange shapes to make the other.

And sew it up.

And top stitch.

Join the denim to the orange. And add some binding.

And the boy has a new-old-reversible-sun-hat.

Which he reluctantly models for you. Thanks my little one!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Wow Michele that is just so wonderful and clever but i couldnt make x

  2. What a lovely blog you have ! Just joined it and look forward to have a look back through posts - thanks for the tutorials :-) Very helpful Kind regards

  3. This is a great pattern Michelle. Thanks so much! I just might make myself a Gardening hat one of these days...

  4. That's a great hat! I bet he'd look so cute if he'd show us his face :)

  5. Fantastic Michele! Great recycling from you as usual.. Love the cheery orange :)

  6. Great looking hat Supper finish. I like the linking it back to Handmade Mondays.Realy lovely idea.

  7. Wow, that's a cool hat. Thanks for linking ;-)

  8. Great sewing - you could start your own little hat stall selling your recycled hats :-)


  9. This hat is awesome! I love that it's durable and two sided. Your little one is so funny, does he hate the camera? He's cute :D

    My cousin made me a hat like this before, but guess what, I've missplaced it :D

  10. What a great project! I love the hat! Thanks for the tutorial and for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

  11. just love it. what a great tutorial.tq


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