Saturday, October 16, 2010

A WIP for my Trip

Actually, it's more like two WIPS (works in progress) for my trip.

We're going to Toronto this weekend to visit my lovely daughters who are at university there. And I gotta keep my restless hands busy for the trip, right?

So I'm taking my crocheted ripple throw (inspired by Lucy's at Attic 24) which is almost done. Only a few more tiny rows to go. I feel like "throwing" a party, I'm so excited to finish this one! And I'm also taking along the little softie that I've created for the Send Me a Softie Swap hosted by The Clip Cafe. This one I have to send out by Tuesday, October 19th. I'm almost there! Here's a peek at both projects...

Well, I gotta scadaddle. Time's a wastin'!

You have yourself a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow - love the colors in both and can't wait to see both finished projects! Have a safe trip!

  2. Can't wait to see the softie! I think I may need to try one soon. Have fun!

  3. Oh they both look lovely!! Can't wait to see end results!!

  4. It really sounds great..well we will definitely wait to see your next awesome project...
    I wish you have a wonderful tour,its waooo that your daughters are in university..& you looks like a university student...really..
    Well i am also a university first semester...

  5. Sounds like your be finishing your ripple quilt very soon! Look forward to the pictures. I love the look of the felt flowers too.


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