Monday, January 31, 2011

The Mailman Cometh, And Cometh Again!

Do you ever get the feeling that the world is giving you a little hug? That's how Friday felt for me. I found my mailbox brimming with packages, gifts from the bright bountiful blogosphere.

The first parcel came from Aunt Peaches. We'd held this head-to-head giftwrap recycling challenge a little while back. And as part of that, we exchanged creations. From Peaches I received this glorious pedestal platter made using papier-maché, an old paper lantern, and a chili bowl. Look at it! This platter is a thing of dazzling beauty that fits devilishly well in my dining room. How she pulled off that kind of magic from across the wavy ether, I will never know. She's just clairvoyant like that, I guess!

AND! And furthermore, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway (her very first) held by the sweet Candace Ashley of Sweet Nothings. My winnings include three dainty fabric flower pins handmade by Candace Ashley herself. If you visit Sweet Nothings, you will notice that she also has an Etsy shop called Blue Chair where she sells her very own handcrafted items. As part of the winning package, I also received a coupon redeemable at Blue Chair. Sweet that!

Yes indeed, Friday was a good day. Thank you so much for your lovely gifts Peaches and Candace Ashley. Hugs to you both!

Well, it's back-to-work for me now.

You have yourself a great day, and I will see you again soon!


  1. Congratulations on receiving such lovely parcels. There is nothing like it for cheering you up and making you feel special. Rachael Xx

  2. Sometimes I really love my postman! Just like you did on friday you lucky girl x

  3. Yes, I know those days, filled with love from (blog)friends, who make incredible stuff! I love the papier maché and the fabric flower pins!

  4. Platter is excellent:)

    Papier mache technique I really liked the last. In this way, I made a pig piggy bank for my daughter.

  5. Wow, congrats on the win, what beautiful pins, love the plaid one! And double congrats and triple happiness to have a Peaches original. I quite simply love it and envy you no end. Hug!

  6. Noyce! I can't believe that platter!!! See? it's the start of an online crafting magazine. "Paper mache fruit platters from stuff around the house and pretty wrapping paper - how to page 3". Easy. Told ya.

  7. I'm so happy to hear it fits in with your home! I must have ESP when it comes to funky fruit platters. I'm also glad you got some great photos of it, too. Now I can visit from afar:)

    AND, those pins are too cool! Love the plaid one with the guinea fowl feathers. What a combo! I'm off to check out Ashley's stuff!

  8. The postman IS great! And far less appreciated than we give them, for the pleasure they bring everyone. Your gifts are wonderful.

    May your Postman bring you happiness again soon....

  9. Oh Michele! This is a great post, thank you for giving me a little blog time ; ) Enjoy your pins, and can't wait to see what great ideas you have for the future! Have a sweet day!

  10. ooo pressies!! There is nothing better than getting a stash of pressies from the postie. I wonder if I got a bigger postbox that I might get some goodies too :-D


  11. Well those are fabulous presents indeed. I heart Peaches' whims she employs for her incredible designs and the use of color!! The flower pins are also fantastic!!

  12. Just wonderful Michele and what a way to cheer anyone up x


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