Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Make It Good with Ariane's Crafts

A wonderful Wednesday to you!

I am thrilled to be doing another Make It Good Challenge today. Do you know how much I love these little one-on-one challenges? There's just something about them: the forcible garbage recycling, the white-knuckle intensity of one crafter versus another, the perpetual passing of the torch, the rules as set by your previous victim who, obviously, is stickin' it to you. It's good times, eh? Find out more about "making it good" by clicking the button below.


The opposition today comes in the guise of my little sister, Ariane, who blogs over at Ariane's Crafts! I'd been thinking of inviting her to "make it good" for a little while. I figured a smattering of recycling rivalry between two sly sisters couldn't hurt. I wasn't sure she'd accept because she's a quilter after all. She has made entire quilts by hand. Like, every-single-stitch-hand-stitched-with-only-a-needle-and-thread by hand. Amazing? YES! She's such a talented girl with potential far beyond the quilt. So I thought, what the heck, it doesn't hurt to ask, right? Lucky for me, she said yes! Woo wee! And because the challenge culminates in a gift exchange, the timing couldn't be more perfect. You see, we're both March babies. So after the challenge, we swap gifts, and that takes care of that for another year. It's almost like I planned it that way or something, hee hee.

Now here is today's challenge as set by the effervescent Mich L in L.A., my previous opponent.

The Challenge Material: Paper- or foil-based liquid containers (no glass or plastic)
The Challenge Rule: Make something inspired by the human hand.

So your job now is to check out what Ariane made, check out what I made, and you're good to go. No winners, no losers, just shiny happy people holding hands, that's right.

Let's see what's what, shall we?


Well, I chose a milk carton as the basic ingredient for my craft. I also threw in a generous amount of cereal box, a ke-niggle of ripened tissue paper, a wee bit of construction paper, a scrap of fabric, a twinkling of metallic paint, a pinch of the Podge, and a sliver of silver thread for good measure.

I threw it all together, mashed the lot of it up, and out came this. It is a HAND-bag.

Or a HAND-basket.

The HAND-le is two bits of cereal box sandwiched together and attached with nuts and bolts.

Ain't it HAND-some? The innards are lined with a scrap of cotton from my woefully neglected fabric stash.

It is embellished with a waving pink HAND-plant, some cereal box rivets attached with silver string, and finished in metallic paint.

Can you HAND-le it?

Happy birthday to you little sister! Enjoy your new HAND-bag, and use it in the best of health!

Now off I go to visit my rival's wondrous work. Are you coming with? It's not far... Oh, here it is right here! How HAND-y, tee-hee...

Your work here is done. Have yourself a great day, and I'll see you imminently!

P.S. For interest's sake here is a previous milk carton tote I made.
P.S.S. I'll be linking here!


  1. OMG!!!! This is gorgeous!!!! You always win!!! LOL!!! The detail is just amazing. I wish I was as good a crafter as you. I hope you like my little craft. It was a fun challenge!!!! Hugs Ariane

  2. I would have to say you are both winners! Your hand bag is marvelous!

  3. This is gorgeous! I am beyond impressed. I hope your sister loves it.

  4. That is adorable, what talent you both have!!

  5. Crazy creative and gorgeous! I am enchanted by the hand plant! Your milk carton handbag (or basket) is truly wonderful. I love that it can be lidded or unlidded. I love the hardware and the silver. I love everything about it, but especially the weird and original hand plant - when I set your challenge, I never imagined something so out-of-this-world would result.

    Ariane's is also fab - she quilts like an angel, and she made an adorable recycled craft, too!

    I adore these Make It Good thingies, and am going to be wrestling with my own this very day. Thanks, Michele, for starting the chain!

  6. It's great Michele! I think it's funny that you both made containers of some sort. Happy birthday to both of you. I was looking forward to this challenge between sisters! Very fun. I couldn't get my sister on board in a million years!

  7. beautiful!!! very very fine! bye rachele

  8. Love it Michele! Especially the handle, especially the nuts and bots!!

  9. How HANDy and absolutely useful! I love the colors, using screws, and the design is HANDsome!

    Happy Birthday to you both! Off to go visit Ariane's site.

  10. Michele you always inspire me by your craftiness! I love this :)

    xoxo Maria

  11. Remind me to never accept a crafty challenge from you, the Master. This is unbelievable. I especially adore the hand plant detail - super groovy! Another outrageously successful crafty challenge from both bloggers!

  12. How beautiful and ingenious hand-bag! I recently found your interesting blog. It`s so full of wonderfull handicrafts - love them all !

  13. Michelle ... this is HAND-licious and HAND-astic!!
    I wouldn't have guessed it was milk carton! I Love it!! And the tote... WONDROUS!

  14. what i can say now...???NOTHING..totally speechless..just lovely..superb,awesome & so onnnnn..Michele you are a wonderful crafter,you sis is also a nice one,wish u gudluk to your recycling..keep it up..

  15. I can't believe you made something that cute out of a cardboard carton!! Wow! That is so neat --- both you and yours sisters projects are amazing!
    BTW- thanks for your sweet comment on my patriotic gift/tag set.

  16. super!!!!! Coincidence again , I am making something with cartons too at te moment ... Quite different ... But this is lovely !! you cut and glue so well !)

  17. GET. OUT. OF. TOWN.
    That is too dang cool!!! Love the idea of using a carton base. And silver, who would have thunk it?! I'm off to check out your baby sis!

  18. Now that is cool AND so's perfect for an easter egg hunt, imagine it brimming with teeny eggs...mmmm chocolate :-D

  19. i really love how you transformed milk boxes! It's just an amazing job!

  20. Really amazing, Michele. I love seeing what you come up with for these challenges. Cool metallic paint.

  21. Wow! That is awesome! I have a hard time looking at "trash" and thinking of what it could be. Great job!

  22. Wow this is truly creative! And stylish too :)

  23. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions. I hope you stop by again soon :)

    ~Lori @ Paisley Passions

  24. It is very HANDsome - you do amazing work!


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