Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Could you do me a teensy favour? Friday, you must remind me that I'm slated to be a guest in the July, summer-flavoured Point of View. Since making babies I have an atrocious memory, and I'd hate to forget because it's gonna be pretty darn swell. If you could do that for me I'd be ever so grateful. And I don't like telling secrets out of school, but you know the photo above? Well, it's a little taste of my contribution... It's colourful. Just as I like it.

And talking of colouration, do you see the paper lanterns below? They travelled all the way from Pakistan, suffered through our country-wide postal service strike, and finally arrived at my home here in Canada relatively intact.

They are handmade by the sweet Khadija of Creative Mind. I won her giveaway a ways back and these are my winnings. All the way from Pakistan!!! Amazing! I am just lucky. Aren't they pretty? The colours vibrate gloriously when lit!

Thank you so much Khadija, and big hugs to you. Also thank you RNG (random number generator) for picking me!

Well you have a lovely day now. I'll be back with my Point of View, and many others' as well, on Friday!


  1. Looking forward to it Michele! My memory is terrible post babies too...

  2. Oh Wow! These are gorgeous!!! I love those paper lanterns.

  3. Lucky ducky! I am intrigued by your sneak peek, can't wait to see what your painty skills have wrought.

  4. Mh.. don't know if you are asking the right person... I am living with a filofax... and I call my externe hard drive to be my externe brain ^^

    But the teaser looks already quite cool and the lamps are gorgeous!:)

  5. Hey sweety, i will wait for the post, i wish i can remind you timely!!
    Well Thanks a bunch for writing lovely words for me & specially admiring my paper lanterns..i was conscious about their safe travel, its relaxing that nobody fold the mail & now lantern paper have been reached safely :)
    Making of these designs & playing with colors is a FUNNNN..i always enjoy!!
    If you need more Henna designed Paper Lanterns stay tuned for my upcoming giveaway..I will enjoy to spread the colorful love all around from Pakistan :)
    Thanks again my dear!!

  6. What beautiful lanterns and I'm looking forward to learning more about Colouration Nation, which so far looks totally cool!

  7. pretty pretty! I'm always a fan of paisley. Glad they got to safe and sound.

    ....and I'll be sure to check out Point of View on Friday!

  8. Looking forward to Friday to see your colorful creations, and love your giveaway winnings-totally worth the wait!

  9. Those paper lanterns are just beautiful!! What a great giveaway to win and all the way from Pakistan!

  10. I can see just a hint of the lit colors in the bottom one - they do look like they would be gorgeous...

  11. Here's my reminder to you, I know it's early, but its the best I can do since I had a huge surge of Mommy-Brain 6 months ago (you know, when I had my now-6-mo-old-baby). So excited to see what those colorful objects are!

  12. Hello, Hello Wake uppppp..its the reminder.. So dont be late now & show us these cute PENCILS(am i right?)..............

  13. Stunning lanterns!!...and so you. Where are you going to put them?



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