Monday, July 25, 2011

Silly Scrappy Thoughts

❥ Scraps are ideas you're about to have.

❥ Love your scraps and they'll love you back.

❥ Scraps are fabric too.

❥ Scraps = Small Cut Rags Attaining Proud Simplicity

❥ If scraps weren't useful, they'd have removed the esses.

❥ Scraps are like common folk. When banded together they can do great things.

❥ Scraps are tiny chunks of rainbow.

❥ Scraps are ordinary until you make them special.

❥ Scraps. Yes we can!

❥ Scraps are like sparks. Only backwards. And misspelled.

Note: The above blocks are the beginnings of my latest quilt project in which I am using only scraps. 72 blocks down, 166 to go!

Have a lovely Monday, and I'll see you soon!


  1. Gorgeous!
    I think that is the original and right idea of making quilts. Using scraps and not buy new fabrics and cut them down to blocks.

  2. I love your scraps Michele! It's going to be a gorgeous quilt - Hugs Nat

  3. Love your scrappy quilt-to-be! And #4 and #5!!

  4. I cannot wait to see how this turns out, Michele. Scraps are definitely underrated :)

  5. "Scraps are like sparks" tee hee!

    Looking great. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. And Scooby -Doo's nephew isn't called Scrappy for no reason! lol!

    Brilliant post x

  7. LOVE THIS!! i will be linking to it on my blog,

    lets hear it for scraps!!

  8. I would be proud to be one of your scraps! It is great.

  9. I am a scrap collector (they drive my husband mad!!), but I am saving them for other projects. I think a scrap quilt would really be amazing. Can't wait to see it finished Michele!

  10. Oh! I'm in love with this!!! Yeah for scraps! Gotta love them. I do!!!!

  11. Awesome.... love scrappy quilts....

  12. You are too much - in the best of ways. VERY funny. And true. All of it.

  13. Loving all the bright colours. A really random work of art in the making. Hugs Mrs A.

  14. To boldly go where no scraps have gone before ;)
    I'm sure that your finished scrapy quilt will be here in warp speed for us to admire :)))
    And awesome as always.

  15. ooo snap! I was messing about the other day with some fabric for a new spring quilt, but I think I will prefer to watch you make yours instead (me, lazy?!)


  16. Oh lovely Michele! I just love scrappy quilts and all those quotes made me smile!

  17. This is such an ambitious project Michele. I love small scraps too, but sometimes they can be fussy to stitch. I really look forward to seeing your completed quilt. Sparks. That is really clever!


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