Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fabric Scraps Reinvented

I'm off on holidays and away from my computer until Monday the 8th of August so I prepped a few tidbits before I left. Enjoy enjoy! ♥ M

Soooo, I've been busily making the blocks...

... for my scrap quilt. Here's my progress so far.

But as it turns out, making a scrap quilt just leaves you with lots more scraps. Lots more teeny tiny scraps.

Whatever to do?

Sew them together maybe?

To make yarn?... Perhaps?

Colourful nubbly bubbly yarn?

Below are the actual teeny tiny eensy weensy leftovers after sewing a batch of 20 squares. Not bad at all.

Now. To figure out what to do with the very colourful, nubbly bubbly yarn...


Have a great day now, I'll see you soon!


  1. Hmmmmm, Michele,
    When I first read this, my thoughts are that you are completely crazy to sew these bits and pieces together and that you are taking recycling WAAAAAY too far, but okay. Now I'm seeing a knitted handbag...what a great idea! Thanks again!!!

    hugz and have a lovely vacation!!!

  2. No, Michele, you throw them away and congratulate yourself for using up all your scraps!! :) I look forward to seeing what you do with all that crazy yarn.

  3. It’s amazing you take recycling this far!
    You could sew the yarn a bit diagonal onto a piece of fabric to make a bag or little pouch. I’ve once seen a skirt for a little girl that had all these funny scraps sewn on it,

  4. Ooo, I love this idea of making yarn from scraps. Very cool.

  5. I see a ticker tape type quilt with those strings of nubbly bubbly yarn! I would have thrown them away- but you are truly inspired!

  6. You could use the yarn to be the string from which little different colored scrap pennants hang. It could just be an all-purpose banner that can be pulled out for birthdays or summer parties, etc. :-)

  7. I LOVE the idea of sewing the scraps together to make yarn! So many creative uses!

  8. I admit that I use my selvages and tiny scraps like that (sewn together) to tie up packages for gifting or to tie up a few cucumbers or cookies to give the neighbors. It's so pretty not to use for something!

  9. Will you crochet a bag , or a rug ????? I am sure you will come out with a wonderful and new idea ! I can't wait !

  10. I went there too... saved all those tiny little scraps ... until I got completely insane by having to see them almost everywhere and threw them away! Not an inch sorry about that!
    However, am curious to see what you do with yours!

  11. Love the scrap quilt.... very muchly..... have a lovely holiday dreaming of how to use your new yarn..... Iv'e just made some with an old t shirt but it's not nearly so interesting....

  12. I love watching your progress!!! and I can't wait to see what you have in mind for those teeny weeny scraps! I love reading your blog and your WIPs.

  13. Crocheting? Knitting? Rag rug? Ribbons for the hair? If you do make ribbons for the hair, would you please send me some :) ? Oh how I hope it's ribbons for the hair could use some taming with ribbons...

  14. ah! what a great idea! endless possibilities!

    i once saw somewhere... can't remember where... someone use those little scraps to make cute little embellished barrettes...

  15. I have made a rug for the kitchen or bathroom by looping these small pieces of fabric through a piece of hessian. It looks pretty cool when you are finished. Some people knot them on top (looping them through the bottom and criss cross and under on the face so that the tails dangle on top and make the rug fluffy) Whilst others don't knot the fabric strips at all just loop them through, but then wash it in really hot water after and the hessian shrinks, tightening around all the fabric strips.. ( I knotted them) in case you are wondering. This is an old technique to make a rug or mat from 19th Century in Tasmania, Australia and no doubt was used elsewhere too.

  16. Could also join them together and make small covers for diaries and notebooks.

  17. Well, your idea will helps me lot. Once I used little scraps to make cute little embellished barrettes, it was such a beautiful creation of my. Your blog is best for beginners, great tutorial.
    hediyelik eşya

  18. Oh I would just burn those little scraps from scraps - they never go away otherwise. UGH.

  19. Nesting material for birds.

    I was thinking about using my suet hanger.

  20. just now stumbled on this...
    i love the yarn you've made!
    i'm totally trying this idea.
    it would be so beautiful as ribbon on a brown paper package.
    OR! wrapped around a little wreath ♥

  21. Crochet rag rug, but you'll need a WHOLE lot more scraps than this.


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