Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drop-Dead Denim: Flickr Group Goodies Two

The Drop-Dead Denim GIVEAWAY is happening HERE! Check it out!


September is all about remaking those old jeans! This is the second of two posts featuring YOUR recycled denim goodness from the Drop-Dead Denim Flickr Group. Revisit the first installment here, and feast your eyes on today's batch of jeanious.

So I ask you... just what does one do with all the leftover scraps from all those nifty denim projects? Well, I think Sherry of Sherry's Simple Blog has the foremost answer to that question. She has clothed her denim disco divas in scraps. Just look at these dolls! They are glorious, and they make me want to cut a rug over here.

Denim Disco Divas - Paper Dolls

Caroline of Artfully Caroline rescued a pair of light jeans and transformed them into this sweet be-frilled denim apron. Thanks to her, the embroidered pockets that once languished in the backseat, now get to shine up in the front. Her apron is adorable and I bet it'll be helping out in the kitchen for a long time.


Until Wednesday Calls' Melissa is a talented maker who loves her denim. Her "little skirt that could" below is unmistakeable evidence of that. To create it, she married a favourite pair of jeans with a vintage sheet. It makes me joyful, this skirt. Such a charming transformation!

Front View Denim Patchwork Skirt

What I love about the following Soft Book by Mary of Handmade By Emmens is that the book will only improve with age, as Mary states. As it is loved by baby and thrown in the wash for cleaning, the book will soften and become a beloved family heirloom. What a great gift! Click the above link to view other pages of this precious book.

I am declaring my love for this Super Extra Large Bean Bag by Lumusan this very second. I love you Bean Bag. You have got it going on! You are big. You are beautiful. You are a gorgeous muted patchwork of old jeans. And by Jove, you look cozy, don't you? If I could somehow have you magically materialize under my posterior right now, I would do it I would.


Thank you to all who've uploaded projects to the Drop-Dead Denim Flickr Group. I so enjoyed having you participate in this way. We will definitely be doing this sort of audience participation thing again sometime. Too much fun!

Today I am Diggin' This Denim: Couch Cover by Another Jennifer (Jennifer sent the link over today. I just had to include it!)

Friday I'll be back to announce the winners of the giveaway and to post the final tutorial (and post) of denim month, eep. I will see you then!


  1. Your blog is gorgeous and very inspiring! I love jeans recykling, and you are master with it.
    I also made some recycled bag from jeans belts. If you wanna to see it, just fell free to visit my blog. I'll be really happy if you leave a comment what do you think about.
    I quite new with blogging but I hope I'll be inspiring for someone in future like you.

    Unfortunately my blog is only in Polish language, but I'm thinking hardly to change this and write in both languages to make possibility for people abroad. I'm affraid only my English is not enough for undertaking like this.

    Love your blog :)

  2. What a terrific selection of items! There is some serious denim upcycling talent out there!

  3. Haha I love that denim and vintage skirt, I've this morning finished making a dress for my 7yr old from a vintage sheet! thanks for featuring my book!

  4. Love these projects! The dolls, the skirt, the book, bean bag, awesome stuff! Great stuff-thanks for sharing.

  5. Awesome!!!! I have just spotted your shop...(nice work Michele).


  6. Tons of talent showing here.


  7. Thanks for featuring my skirt Michelle. <3 That bean bag is soooo on my to do list now. Also, your One Tough Poof is gorgeous. Like wow gorgeous.

  8. Wow I have so many old jeans and never even though of recycling them. I absolutely love the bean bag. I may have to start working on one for my new place. Thanks for the ideas!

  9. love your ideas, love jeans, love to recycle
    thanks for sharing


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