Friday, October 14, 2011

Juice Cap Ornament & Pendant in the Shop!

Beaded Juice Cap Ornament

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? I am... Can you tell? At the moment, my head is aswirl with visions of tree decorations. In fact, today I added a sweet ornament tutorial to my shop. Let me tell you a little bit about it. The PDF downloadable how-to comprises 9-pages of step-by-step photo instructions to make the above juice cap ornament. You start with a juice bottle cap, some crochet cotton, a handful of seed beads and a few other odds and ends to create a unique double-sided Christmas tree ornament. The piece is finished beautifully back and front. To be a perfect tease I'll keep the back a mystery... This recycled ornament can also double as a pendant. Make the hanger longer, place it around your neck, and you have yourself a one-of-a-kind statement necklace!

I wish you the pleasantest of weekends. Take care and I'll see you again on Monday!


  1. Looks fabulous and makes a fantastic ornament!
    Have a lovely weekend Michele!

  2. Oh, lovely shot with the little bit of greenery! You are getting me in the spirit! I have been wanting to find some ornament making time. These are sweet.

  3. Happy weekend wishes for you, too!

  4. Neat!!! Yes, I am thinking Christmas already! Have a great week-end.

  5. OOh ooh ooh! So detailed! So gorgeous! So upcycled! Can't believe you made that with a humble bottle cap. It's very you, Michele!

  6. How Cute :) I love the beaded circles !! Nice..

  7. These are so interesting and pretty. Look at you with multiple patterns in your shop! Way to go :)


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