Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Super Hero's Uniform

We have a Super Hero living at our house. He has a terrible cough at the moment and has kept us awake for the past two nights but that doesn't mean his uniform can be less than perfect. 

A Super Hero's uniform must be just so, as you know. It's mostly done and has been mostly approved, thank heavens.

The fact that the Super Hero's tailor had only the Super Hero's imaginings to go by to create the uniform, posed some challenges. These were overcome eventually, and finishing touches are underway.

The Super Hero will be taking to the skies soon to battle evil at every turn... Keep your eyes raised to the heavens and stay grounded my friend. He'll be coming to your neighbourhood soon!


  1. I wish he could come visit...I'd love to share some treats! What a fun costume.

  2. I hope we get a full shot of our hero dressed for action (when he's feeling a bit better, that is).

  3. I hear you about trying to reach into the recesses of the imagination of the createe. My Medusa had a vision of how her makeup should look and my attempts did not make the grade. I should have taken theater makeup in college instead of chemistry. :)
    The hero looks great- I'm feeling safer already.

  4. Can't wait to see the superhero restored to full superpower strength in his amazing costume.

  5. Fabulous :) Hope you are all feeling well enough to enjoy trick or treat!

  6. Ooh! That lightning bolt sword/magic wand/power stick thingy is perhaps the coolest thing a boy superhero could carry! Feel better fast so you can finish, and your superkid with his amazing imagination can get to saving the world.

  7. I hope we get to see the full ensemble :) This looks fantastic!

  8. I hope your super hero is well by the big night!

    You seem to certainly overcome any shortfalls in imaginings! Always a satisfactory place to be!

    I have just won my own battle between imagination and making! So we both have something to celebrate!

    Happy halloween to you and your Super Hero!

  9. I would be so impressed if a superhero like that was flying around my neighborhood Monday night! Happy Halloween!!!


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