Thursday, November 24, 2011

Michele Made Me: An Ornament Overview


Since I'm so obviously in the mode and blind to anything but ornaments right now, I thought I'd gather, in one handy catch-all post, every Christmas ornament I've created since the beginning of this blog. There are one or two... Here they are:


✲ Free Christmas Ornament Tutorials 

1.  Egg Carton Snowflake Ornament
2.  Juice Container Gift Box Ornament
3.  Denim Disc Tree Ornament
4.  TP Roll Wreath Ornament
5.  Spiral Notebook Binding Wreath Ornament
6.  Plastic Bottle Ornament
7.  Twiggy Christmas Tree Ornament
8.  Plastic Greenhouse Ornament
9.  Twig 'n Bead Tree Ornament
10. TP Roll Flower Ornament
11. Twiggy Skate Ornament

✲ Christmas Ornament Tutorials in The Shop 

12. TP Roll Thistle Ornament
13. A Dozen Egg Carton Folk Ornaments
14. Juice Cap Ornament

Edited to Add #15. Heart House Ornament

Edited to Add #16. Petite Purse Ornament

Edited to Add: ✲ Christmas Ornaments 2012 
#17. Dusty Miller Snowflake Ornament
#18. Puzzle Piece Angel Ornament
#19. Twiggy Snowman Ornament
#20. The Boy's Tree (Kid Craft) Ornament
#21. Hexagon Junkmail Snowflake Ornament

As I make more - stranger things have happened - I will add them to my little inventory here. Also, I'll soon add a swank button link to this post in the sidebar. That'd be helpful, eh?

You have yourself a fine day. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!



  1. Can’t forget I saw the picture. I see houses and hearts and I want to know more about it!
    You’ve made a lovely bunch of tutes my dear!!

  2. You are soooper dooooper coooool dear Michele :)
    Thanks for sharing their tutorials with us..!!

  3. Oh you have been busy!
    I wish I had made some, I started on a denim one yesterday...not sure anything will get finished in time!

  4. Fab roundup for those of us with less than total recall! All viewed together, a stunningly elegant ornament collection. Thanks for putting this together, and I know there will be more because that's how you roll, you little elfin thing, you!

  5. Delightful, Michele. It's so fun to see you 'get in the zone' and plug away at these! The results are beautiful!

  6. Love your ornaments! You have some very cool ideas! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Charlotte from AZ

  7. your ornaments are lovely and unique!

  8. Well Michele it is close to Christmas here in Ga.your ornaments are so easy and use "stuff" most of us already have.I love them .Thank you for posting the instructions on making them.


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