Monday, December 5, 2011

Handmade Gift - Embroidered Grooming Kit

This year, when it comes to gifts made by me, small is the operative word. Because, to be honest, small = whips up in a flash, if you catch my drift. 

The handy grooming kit above (like for nail clippers, cuticle scissors and such) is a small, useful and sweet item that can be made quickly and customized for pretty much anyone. The simple pattern has been in my head for a while and finally popped out the other day just in time for Christmas. I made these for some special people (who don't read this blog as far as I can make out...) and they came together swiftly and painlessly.

Aside from speediness, a secondary bonus of making these is that I had everything on hand right here. The solid grey fabric is from an old pair of cotton pants, the lovely prints are from my bottomless scrap bin, and the buttons I rediscovered in my button stash.  I haven't quite stuffed them with all the groomy goodies yet, but once I do, I think they'll make handsome gifts. 

I'll be sharing the tutorial for a slight variation of these on Wednesday when I do my part in Gwenny Penny's "Haul Out The Holly" so you'll be able to make them too if you ever get a hankering!

Have a great day. I'll be back on Wednesday then. ♥M


  1. Sweet - of course, I love embroidery.

  2. Great guy gift - the elusive unicorn of crafty handmade giving! Love them, Michele!

  3. The embroidery look fab on them. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. I adore the embroidered tree. I'm a sucker for a nice tree.

  5. These are very ice gifts! Wonderful combination of colors and materials. I look forward to see the tutorial :-)
    And seeing what you made gives me some inspiration for some small gifts I have planned to make. Thank you!

  6. They are looking wonderful and I love your embroideries!

  7. Lovely! Estoy deseando que llegue miércoles para seguir el tutorial, porque aún no he encontrado el regalo para estas navidades.

  8. Great handmade gift idea! I have a few gifts on my list to make too.

  9. These are great...would love to have a go at them.

  10. These are adorable Michele!! I should make some of these for my boys. So handy too!!!


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