Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012: Year of the Epiphany

Hey there!

Hello stranger!

Happy New Year 2012 and a giant polar bear hug to you!

Do you know that I've just enjoyed the longest break in the history of this blog? Eleven days of silence.  Wow. Seems impossible doesn't it? But no, it's true. I've had a really lovely holiday. It's not quite over yet either. The boys don't go back to school/work until the 9th. But I wanted to check in here. To let you know that I'm still very much alive and alove. And to verify that the interwebs hadn't crumbled to smithereens during my absence.

Yep, nope. They're still here. Still going strong, just as I suspected.

So um... I had a small epiphany during my break don't you know.

Minor Epiphany: I CAN CROCHET. 

I don't know what it is, but sometimes I really lack confidence. Take crocheting for instance. I learned how to crochet sometime in the summer of 2010 just after starting this blog. Since then, I have made thisthis, and these, among other things. Yet, for some reason I basically think I blow at it, which I've realized over the last few weeks is a bunch of hooey. I've had it up to here with that kind of negative attitude. Henceforth, I will be working on turning my crochet frown upside down. I CAN CROCHET! And BY GUM you will be seeing more crochet-type projects from me in the coming year!

That said, I'm declaring 2012 my year of the epiphany. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for moments of clarity and ideas that should probably be obvious to me but for some reason haven't managed to penetrate my tiny brain. And then I'll write about them here amongst the many and varied crafts.

Okay then...Well, you have a great evening now. I'll be back soon!


Note: The above photos are some of the crochet projects I've been playing with over the holidays using some of my yarn scraps. First, I made the lacy square. Secondly, I made some curtains to which I attached a pretty crocheted border, the first attempt of which I rejected. It was a bit much, I felt. The second iteration was just simpler. I like that.


  1. Happy new year! And yes... the net still seems to be running! Enjoy the rest of your holiday with your family! :)

  2. You are very much like me it sounds like. I almost always seem to miss the obvious in my own life!!

    Yes you can crochet by gum and I know for a fact I can't because I've never tried. :)

  3. I LOVE your curtains!!! I can't crochet and that isn't negativity speaking, I simply don't know how! But those curtains make me want to. Happy New Year!

  4. I will allow you your year of the Epiphany provided you promise to use the expression "BY GUM" on a regular basis.

  5. Happy New Year Michele!!
    I cannot tell you how delighted I am with your epiphany and you did great with the crochet projects. I love the edgings especially the one you rejected :)
    Can't wait to see and enjoy your crochet projects!

  6. The rejected edging was lovely. Not sure what you mean by 'a bit much'. This is too much in my book:

    and this

  7. Dear Michele, enjoy your holidays to the full and don't feel guilty about your absence here. It happens with most of us.:) I don't crochet, I knit, but I find your first attempts too pretty! The curtains are now more tender...

  8. Happy New Year Michele! Love those delicate curtains and your crochet!

  9. I love crocheting and your projects look fabulous to me!

  10. Crochet? Who knew? Yet another Michele talent we can look forward to. We'll have you full on quilting next, beware. I know you've dabbled, but obsession could just be around the corner.

  11. Just love your crochet edging on those curtains Michele! Simply beautiful! Isn't it funny how we doubt ourselves and everyone around us can see our skills so plainly. Looking forward to you inspiring me to do more crochet this year :-)

  12. Just pop in to wish you and your family a very happy 2012!
    I love epiphanies!
    The last I had, I discover I could read an intire book written in english! :D
    A all new world (not very good to my wallet, thought!) ;)

  13. oooh, I love the simpler version. Do share how you made it!

  14. You only learned to crochet in 2010 and you can already crochet like that???!!! My cousin taught me to crochet when I was about 19. Maybe 20. I'll be 46 next month and I still feel like I blow at it. :/ The good thing about blogging is that I'm inspired by so many and have tried so many new projects. I can actually read crochet patterns now. I don't always get them right, but at least I try. Love all your projects. Looks like you were born to crochet. :) Best wishes, Tammy


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