Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Treasures From Those Northern Skies

My friend Melissa held a giveaway the other day and guess who won it! Yes, it was I!

Melissa blogs over at... well... a few places. She has a home-schooling blog and a poetry blog, but I visit her most often at Those Northern Skies where she shares a little bit of everything including crafts, photography, and real-life family adventures. Melissa has a gifted photographic eye. She's a poet. A crafter. A teacher. She does it all actually. And her blogger voice is a most natural and honest one. I love that about her.

The giveaway prize was advertised as the lovely embroidery kit in the first pic. But that sweet Melissa! She sent along all kinds of extra miscellaneous goodies in the prize package! Opening it was like having a personal look-see into Melissa's private craft stash. So much fun! Each little bundle contained a handwritten note detailing its contents. Isn't that the neatest thing?

This one below says: "Michele, I know I've seen you use concentrate containers frequently but never the lids.  :)" Well Melissa, this is where I beg to differ. Take a look here, here, here, here, and here. See? I have used metal juice lids! And these will happily join my beloved recyclable stash.

She included a few different recyclables like these beautifully coloured plastic rice bags and a white glass bottle. I'll for sure have fun playing with these! Maybe even in combination...

Now here's something I've never crafted with: old puzzles! Hmm... that sounds like a bit of a challenge, eh? Going to have to think hard about that one... Oh, but I recall that Melissa herself crafted with puzzle pieces. You see, she made this lovable puzzle snowman! Isn't it a cutie-pie?

You're truly kind Melissa. Thank you so much for sending along this treasure. I know I will enjoy days, if not weeks, of crafty fun with all your gifts.

Have a great day!



  1. hey you lucky lady!! the giveaway is awesome...what a lovely package you have received :) waoo

    oh yes, I have a giveaway on my blog this week,feel free to enter if you like digital scrap-booking :)

  2. It is fun to see the photos and I hope you do have fun with the bits and bobs. I felt like a dork immediately after I sent the lids because then I saw a juice concentrate craft. :)

    1. I really want to use the puzzle pieces for something. They're intriguing as a craft supply... Thanks again for it all Melissa!

  3. Oh how fun. I love that my blogging friends are friends, and that we support each other so well.

  4. Melissa is such a cool kitten, and wow, what a nice bunch of extras! Lucky you!

  5. I mean "Love is fragile, handle with prayer!" (!!) This is precious!
    Looking at the things you have won makes me ponder at all magnificent creations that are about to get born at your place. Well, Melissa was really generous to share these treasures!

    1. She is most generous and a very attentive blog-reader as well!

  6. What a lovely package of treasures! You will enjoy them very much. Melissa is a wonderful photographer and blogger, I enjoy reading her blog very much.

  7. My mother has that exact embroidery (frame and all) on her wall. I was a child when she did it. What a great mix of things you won!

  8. I've seen folks make puzzle pieces into altered art (think an artist's trading card, but different shape) or jewelry. I did a swap with these last fall, and it really challenged me. I had a hard time finding a lot of good tutorials out there, so I made my own:


    And, these are the ladies I swapped with:


    Hope that gives you a few ideas!


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