Friday, July 13, 2012

Seeking The Search Box

Aaaah... The Search Box. I think it's the best little tool. And not just because it motivates me to quote The Bible.

No, if I had just one internetty wish, I would make a Search Box appear on every craft website and blog out there. Just think of it! Every site a useful, searchable, convenient database ready to be enjoyed to its full potential, and allowing us to find what we need, when we need it, in the place we last saw it, at the stroke of a few little keys. Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

It surely does.

Is the Search Box indispensable to the users of a website or blog? Here's why I think, YES, of course it is!

#1. When visiting your blog, I frequently use your Search Box to see what else you have to offer and to find what is most relevant to me. In other words, your Search Box makes me linger longer. If there is no Search Box, then my efforts are limited and I may leave before I've discovered how truly wonderful you are. Heart-breaking! For us both.

#2. A Search Box adds a level of control and interactivity to a site, and makes it a piece of cake to retrieve stuff I know I've seen before. For example, if a project of mine was inspired by some beauty you created, I will link to that post of yours if I can ever find it again. Not having a Search Box might make finding your post like looking for... well yes... the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack. In such a case, I may even give up looking altogether. Boo.

#3. And I use my blog's own Search Box constantly. When writing a new post, I often link back to similar posts I've written, or earlier installments in a series.  I do this to show continuity and to enrich my reader's experience. Having a Search Box makes finding the old stuff a snap because, Gord knows, I DO NOT remember when I wrote it.

#4. The Search Box will unearth goodies that a search engine missed because a Search Box is focussed on one tiny hillock of stuff (a single website) as opposed to a search engine that is sifting through whole mountain ranges (the www). The Search Box has helped me discover some rare gems out there that otherwise may have remained hidden.

To recap: The Search Box is a major major time and labour-saving device! 

Perhaps now you'd like to add a divine little Search Box to your very own site? On Blogger blogs, there's nothing to it. Check it out : How to add a Search Box in Blogger.

Go to it!

And have yourself a great day now!



  1. I frequently use my search box for faster reference while in pursuit of projects I know I have but don't remember when I posted them. Quite a helpful tool indeed!

  2. alright, alright alright! I raise my hands in defeat and will obey. ;)
    You did the last bit of convincing I needed, really, and with a blog event coming up soon, I reckon I better get it into gear to be ready for all eventualities.
    Thanks for this post, Michele, heading over to the dashboard right now.

  3. Thanks for writing this. I had never even thought about having a search box on my blog. I just went over and added one -- SO EASY!!

  4. I will try to remember to do it soon.

  5. YES!
    my friend, jill, asked me to put one on my blog years ago so she could quickly find certain recipes.
    it was as easy as adding a picture to my sidebar.
    now, i use my OWN search box on my OWN blog to find my OWN recipes!
    and other stuff...
    it is WAY better than scanning the archives by date, or by searching via tags {sometimes posts don't get the tags they deserve}.
    i could not agree with you more.
    i am pro-blog-search-box ♥

  6. If the internal search function doesn't work as well as you like (not all work equally well), you can still force a search engine to focus on your tiny hillock, thus:

    site: sewing

  7. Great post and I went right back and added it but could not get it to work. Guess I am not savvy enough.

  8. Michele, how funny - I just came here to use your search box and find your tutorial for disabling Blogger's two word verification thing for comments! Hear hear for search capability on blogs!

  9. brilliant thanks...........I now have a search box myself lol : )

  10. Michelle, I coud not agree more. That search box is an invaluable tool that I use constantly for my own blogging as well as when I visit other blogs. Blogger naturally has it for each blog. When I can't find it for a blog or site that I visit, I get kind irked. It's just easier to find all the treasures a blog or site may have!

  11. I'm not a blogger, but I subscribe to several blogs. NOT having a search box feature has caused me to unsubscribe or not subscribe in the first place to a blog. Since I follow several, I don't have the time to search through posts to find what I'm looking for. If there isn't a CATEGORY feature or a SEARCH feature, I'm outta there. I just wanted all of you wonderful bloggers to know that it is a simple and worthwhile feature that will keep readers visiting longer.

  12. I always wondered if anyone else uses the search box! I have it on my blog because I use it all the time. I do love when someone else has one on their you said it makes life much easier!


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