Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lost and Found

I tell you. When you tackle a heap such as the heap that overwhelmed my basement workroom for so many moons, you unearth some good stuff...

See the yarn basket above? The Boy and I made it together, oh, probably about 4 years ago now. I dug it out during the recent clean-up. Still going strong, eh? I think I'll use it to store zippers.

I also happened upon this little fellow below. An inuksuk stamp designed by The Boy, and used to make homemade invitations for his birthday a couple years ago. We carved it out of a foam meat tray. It made the sweetest invites. I can't believe I still have it...

And of course, there's the obligatory unfinished toilet paper roll craft. This one's been patiently waiting its turn in one of my numerous piles for... um... ever? I've brought it down to the workroom now where it stares at me incessantly. Maybe the crushing guilt will actually move me to complete it... One can only hope... I'll give you one guess as to what it might be.

And best of all, the newly-rescued "Giraffe with a Fork" mini-painting by my sweet daughter Dia! I love this quirky little painting. I could swear I had carefully stowed it in a safe and known-to-only-me location (under the printer) while it awaited framing. But when I went to retrieve it... gasp and double-gasp... it was gone! And it stayed gone for months despite my many searches. Needless to say, I was ecstatic but befuddled when I found it in a completely random spot (under the scanner) during the purge. I'm becoming convinced that the house centipedes moved it. I really wish they'd stop touching my stuff.

I can hardly wait for the next clean-up, almost. You never can tell what lovely lost treasures lie about...



  1. Love the latest 'finds' esp the hand made stamp. Guess the toilet roll project could make a garland?
    A x

  2. so true !!!!
    I love the giraffe a lot!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  3. A wonderful trip down memory lane! Isn’t finding those treasures the reason why clean-ups always take so long...?

  4. Le nettoyage apporte son lot de surprise !!!

  5. I have to laugh. You have "house centipedes." I have a "black hole." I'm sort of scared to go clean up my craft area, because of all the projects that are there lurking. lol

  6. like you, i am always rewarded for my clean-up efforts.
    gifts from the "tidy gods" maybe.
    that giraffe is dyno-MITE!

  7. The giraffe with a fork is amazing. Get him in a gilded frame and hang him with the Mona Lisa where he belongs!

  8. Toilet paper roll statement necklace in turquoise with cereal box flowers.

    Am I even close?


  9. Ok, now you've really got me excited about shoveling out my sewing room. What am I going to find????

  10. Thanks for linking to Wikipedia for the house centipedes. Now I know whom to blame when things go missing, since those creatures live here, too.

  11. Those are some amazing treasures! Glad you found them. Love the yarn basket and stamp/print that the Boy created for birthday invitations. And yes, I too would be frantic if I lost that lovely giraffe painting. Wonderful clean up indeed! Bravo, Michele!


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