Friday, October 5, 2012

Howling Halloween Egg Carton Masks

NOW for a little recycled Halloween wall decor. Want to come with? Ya, let's do it!

You will need2 egg cartons, a pair of scissors, an exacto knife, gesso or white paint (optional), paint brush, glue.

Retrieve a couple of egg cartons from your well-stocked recycling bin. Cut a carton down the middle as shown.

Take the top of the carton. Cut it into 3 sections.

Use a pair of scissors to trim each section so that the square corners are now rounded. Very good. You're doing so well.

Now take the bottom of the egg carton. That's correct. The one in which the eggs sit. Good guess.

Cut off those little parts that stick up in the center between the egg cups. An exacto knife is helpful for this. You'll need six of these parts and there are five per egg carton. Yes, that's right. You'll need to get the last one from another egg carton. You're a smartie! Neatly trim the edges of these little bits. Set them aside.

Do you see the egg cups? Cut 6 of them off and trim their edges nicely.

NOTE: As you prepare your egg carton pieces, you may choose to brush on a layer of gesso to give them a pleasant gaunt look as I've done. White paint would work too I suppose.

For Mask 1 you'll need the following pieces. Place them as I have or however you choose. Glue them together.

In turn, Mask 2 requires the pieces shown below. The eyes are made of two egg cups glued together to make balls. Here look at the pictures. They're worth a 1000 words or so I'm told.

Mask 3 is a little more challenging. But nothing you can't handle. Using the last (middle) section of the top for the base, cut off one of the bits that jut out along the center. It will leave a hole. Now take the second egg carton top and cut out one of the center bits. Once trimmed it will resemble a little sombrero. Gather the rest of the bits. Stick the "sombero" in the hole and put the rest of the mask together as shown. Don't forget the glue!

The masks are virtually done now. Here's what they look like covered with a layer of gesso.

To finish them off, I've glued black confetti to their eye balls. Don't worry, they deserve it.

They're now ready to be hung on your walls. Yes, they deserve that too.

If only they'd cease that infernal howling, the blighters. It's sending me right round the bend!


Additional masks HERE!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful idea, Michele! The masks look so whimsical! I will try to make something of the kind one day, for sure!:)

  2. I just love every tutorial you post! It's so clear, so well photographed, a real pleasure! Congratulations!

  3. So imaginative! And i absolutely love how they look clustered together on the wall. VERY COOL!

  4. You are a nut, yoy are! VERY funny writing, and very cute and original project!

  5. I meant "you," not "yoy." Yoy veh, I need to check my comments before I submit 'em!

  6. these masks are simply great!!!
    Thank you Michele!
    xxx Alessandra

  7. absolutely LOVE these! how cute!

  8. Oh, I love how primitive and sort of African Mask like they are. I'm amazed at all the great things that can be done with egg cartons. I would have never thought of this. That's what makes it fascinating to come and see your awesome arts and crafts, Michele! Thanks for visiting my blog. Always fun to read your comments!

  9. I love them!
    We have chickens so everyone kindly gives us egg boxes and we have an enormous stack of them. Now I can use some of them on these. Thank you.

  10. Hello Michele,
    Pure Awsomeness!
    They look like M<ayan masks.
    Well done.


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